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Late note on Pickpocket


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Robert Bresson is an important filmmaker, around the world and to other filmmakers, if not so much so here in the United States. His films are intensely moral debates, whose themes usually involve sin, atonement, salvation, and corruption. He was also noted for using non-professionals for his actors, to achieve a less polished appearance to the performances. Nevertheless, his films are always powerful and engrossing, especially, for instance The Trial of Joan of Arc. One of his most accessible to American audiences is A Man Escaped, which is based on the escape from a German-run prison by resistance fighter Andre Devigny in World War II. Even though it takes place essentially inside a prison cell, it is still suspenseful and riveting.


Pickpocket again is a moralistic tale of sin, punishment, remorse, atonement, and redemption. Not necessarily in that order. On the surface, it appears a simple tale of a man falling into a life of theft, his efforts, successful and not, to go straight due to his involvement with a woman, and how he comes to a resolution of his conflicting impulses.


If I remember correctly, TCM has shown his Diary of a Country Priest, and The Trial of Joan of Arc


Films I would like TCM to show are Ladies of the Bois du Boulogne, Au Hasard Balthazar, Mouchette, Lancelot du Lac, The Devil Probably, and L'Argent.

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