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who is your fav actor

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  • 4 months later...

My favorite golden stars are;



Clark Gable

John Wayne

Charlton Heston

Errol Flynn

Henry Fonda

Steve Reeves( Hercules)

Kirt Douglas

Jack Elm

Lee Van Cleef

Woody Strode

John Carradine

Bella Lugosi

Humphrey Bogart

Jack Lemmon


My modern day favorites are;


Denzel Washington

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Val Kilmer

Robert DeNiro

Sam Elliot

Russell Crowe

Tom Cruise

Frank Langella

Jene Hackman

Sean Coneryn

Kevin Costner

Jack Nicholson

Charles Bronson

Michael Douglas

Clint Eastwood



There are so many more that I love but this should give you an idea of a few of my all time favorites.


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  • 11 months later...

Ken, this is really amazing! You have picked my three all-time favorite actresses in Westerns. It's true that Stanwyck, O'Hara, and Trevor made lots of Westerns, some good and some bad. But even in the bad ones, they seemed to make them a little better, just because they were in them. And I never get tired of seeing Stanwyck on The Big Valley. That was a tailor-made role for her. Just think of the fun the two of us could have watching all these wonderful Westerns together!



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Since I'm especially fond of character actors, there are many supporting cowboys I like. Most notably


Walter Brennan (hybrid star/supporter)


Jim Davis

Arthur Hunnicutt

Edgar Buchanan

Pat Butram

Jay Silverheels

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I'm probably too mainstream. I like Wayne, Stewart, Glenn Ford, Richard Widmark and a few others. I also like Brennan, with or without teeth.


For the ladies it is mostly Maureen O'Hara. There aren't too many strong women in westerns. (previous poster comments noted on Stanwyck.)

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> For the ladies it is mostly Maureen O'Hara. There

> aren't too many strong women in westerns. (previous

> poster comments noted on Stanwyck.)


Chris, what about Dale Evans? I never bought the damsel-in-distress thing they made her do in movies with Roy Rogers. She was definitely in charge.

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To tell you the truth I never really saw much of their work. I agree about Dale. I bet off screen she had her say. Overall I would rather watch strong women in movies. We seem to get them in dramas and even some love stories but not too often in westerns. That is where the setting requires some strength. Too often the women are the, as you say, damsel-in-distress. I've been watching some of Randolph Scott's late westerns and that seemed to be the woman's role. Fight off a couple of the bad guys and get rescued from time to time.

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The good thing about the characters Dale Evans played was that they were generally not very sweet-and-helpless. She was more of a toned-down Western Betty Hutton. She was a singer, but not a Western singer like Roy. She got to do contemporary swing numbers, and I thought she was pretty good.


However, this sort of thing always confused me when I was a little girl. There were so many Westerns where there were not only cowboys and horses, but cars and radios.

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If you've ever seen any of those old John Wayne "B" westerns that is exactly what a good many of looked like. I've seen quite a few just for a lark and it's funny to watch most of the movie only to have Duke come upon a bus. He might stop at an office and there is a telephone. Or his faithful horse might chase down a car. Sometimes they were too funny.

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  • 4 weeks later...

My favorite actors of all time are Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman. They get better and better every time I see them. I saw Duvall in "Broken Trail" a few weeks ago and can't wait until the DVD is available so I can watch it over and over again. One of my favorite Gene Hackman films is "Absolute Power." He plays the villain so convincingly.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Battlin' Bob. I love every one of the B-westerns I've seen him in, but that's not too many. I thought he was miscast in "City of Conquest" with James Cagney. He shouldn't have been the panzy that got knocked out at the beginning of the movie. He should have been fighting Cagney in the main event. He was good in "The Big Sleep", and he was perfect as the hot-headed Curley in "Of Mice and Men". I love the scene where he takes on Lon Chaney. Excellent!!

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  • 4 months later...

I grew up watching Tim Holt and Hopalong Cassidy movies (William Boyd was great as Hoppy). Also a big fan of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Watching Encore Western channel, I'd have to add Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid (with Jock Mahoney doing the stunts). Speaking of westerns, nice to see Bat Masterson and The Rifleman shows. Would like to see Range Rider, Sky King, Wagon Train and of course, the Lone Ranger shown again. I even enjoy the Lash Larue films, even though they were made very cheaply toward the end of the old "B" westerns in theaters. I still prefer the old "B" westerns over their modern counterparts, though I do watch the Clint Eastwood "spaghetti westerns" whenever they are on.

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Since NO ONE has named Gary Cooper---I have to step in and rectify matters, pardners! He is the GENUINE "Man of The West" for always.


After Coop, I enjoy seeing John Wayne, Robert Mithcum, Clark Gable, Greg Peck, James Stewart, Joel McRae, Glenn Ford and Randolph Scott westerns.


I've always wished I could see the early Harey Carey westerns done with John Ford.


Supporting actors I enjoy in westerns: Walter Brennan, Arthur Hunnicut, Burl Ives, Chill Wills, Andy Devine, Victor McLaglen, Harry Carey, Jr., Paul Fix, Gabby Hayes, Charles Winninger.


Miss G

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Everyone seems to like a lot of different ones. Mine are about the same, Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Charles Starrett (The Durango Kid), Tim Holt, Hopalong Cassidy, John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Rod Cameron, Allan "Rocky" Lane, William "Wild Bill" Elliott, Don "Red" Barry, Bob Steele, Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard, and tons more, but my all-time favorite, and I collect all his movies, is Audie Murphy. His westerns were the best. Good acting, great co-stars, really nice looking locations, and really good stories. Some of his co-stars included Walter Matthau, Walter Brennan, Chill Wills, Stephen McNally, Dan Duryea, and James Stewart. If I were to name three favorites of Audie Murphy films, and they change daily, I would say: "Destry", "The Kid From Texas", and "Seven Ways From Sundown". But there are so many more.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have to agree with you on Audie Murphy. I love his films. I also love to watch Glenn ford, James Stewart, and I cannot forget Kirk Douglas. I love watching Lonely are the Brave. I think that Kirk Douglas is at his best and I always find my heart racing when he's trying to get up that mountain.

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