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Meanwhile, Starbuck's Raptor jumps to the middle of a Basestar graveyard. As she searches, Starbuck feels close to something and guides the Raptor to the sight of a ringed gas giant with three stars and a comet – the comet being, to Starbuck's astonishment, Leoben's Basestar as it trails vapor behind it. Suddenly, the Raptor is struck by debris and Starbuck is knocked unconscious.













Starbuck awakens, finding herself inside a Basestar hangar bay. While Athena inspects the Raptor, she is approached by several copies of the Number Eight model. One of them tells her that she was the first to realize their kind need not be a slave to their programming. They explain that in their attempt to revolt, the Sixes only led them to disaster and they ask Athena to help lead a mutiny against them. Athena refuses to get involved and admonishes the copies about picking a side and staying with it.













Back on the Basestar, Leoben argues with a Six (Natalie) over allowing Starbuck to see the Hybrid. Starbuck sees no choice in the matter as both sides need to help each other. Athena interfaces with the Cylon computer and informs that the Basestar's FTL is damaged. The system can piggyback off the Raptor's FTL to navigate a jump back to the Demetrius, but the Hybrid will have to be disconnected. After observing Athena's interface, Anders eyes another terminal. He inches his hand toward it covertly, but Starbuck calls his attention elsewhere.


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