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Need to find a movie for young women we are trying to help


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I saw this movie one time many years ago. It is a pre-code movie talkie black and white. A young woman (widowed?) with a young son cant take care of him but is approached by a man who offers her money for her services. The child is placed wirth a another family who raises him. The movie covers the course of the next 20 years or so that this woman is a prostitute always sending or bringing money to support her child as he grows up but keeping her identity from him a secret. The movie shows a very realistic dipiction of her decline from being young and in demand to her getting old and having to steal money to survive. The son grows up and is accepted into medical school and the woman dies from being out in the elements.



The reason why this movie is so important to me is I volunteer with a ministry that is intersted in assisting victims of sex trafficing. Such an old movie showing such a realistic depiction of "the Life" would show young women today that they have not invented the wheel. This has been a downfall of women forever, although everyone individually thinks it will be different for them. This was a very powerful movie and I would appreciate any help locating at least the title and possably a copy.









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1931 The Sin of Madelon Claudet





There are many different variations of the basic Madame X story, in which the mother or father loses touch with their son or daughter, then they meet many years later. But your description seems to fit the Madelon Claudet film best, since she became a prostitute and her son became a doctor.


Here are some other variations:


Femme, La (1910)

Who Is She? (1910)

Hvem er hun? (1914)

Madame X (1916)

Madame X (1920)

The Lady (1925)

La Mujer X, (1931)

Forbidden (1932)

Ruth Chatterton?s Frisco Jenny (1932)

The Secret of Madame Blanche (1933)

The Most Precious Thing in Life (1934) Jean Arthur

Whirlpool (1934) Jack Holt & Jean Arthur

Kay Francis in Confession (1937)

Pola Negri in Mazurka (1935)

The Sin of Madelon Claudet (1931)

Madame X (1937)

A Woman Is the Judge (1939)

To Each His Own (1946) Olivia de Havilland

The Trial of Madame X (1948)

Agnostos, I (1954)

Mujer X, La (1955)

Madame X (1966)

Madame X (1981) (TV)

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It only took me 15 or 20 minutes into *To Each His Own* before I said to myself, "Dear God, they remade *Madame X* for the 548702458845982439542659th time!"


To make maters worse, it's got John Lund, whom I've always found rather bland and wooden.

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