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Carson on TCM


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News item today on Facebook about TCM buying rights to some old Johnny Carson interviews to be shown on TCM starting next summer...


To be called "Carson on TCM." Interviews will be aired between movies on TCM...

It'll be the same type of thing Ontario film fans are used to when the late Elwy Yost did his interviews for TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movies" and they were aired between movies.

Sounds like the same thing going to happen to TCM except it'll be Carson chatting with actors, etc., from his TV show... We'll have to wait and see what the interviews are like...

I like Johnny Carson (and watched him regularly back in the day - I'd often get in trouble for staying up so late to catch his TV show on a school night, for example), but often the interviews done on his TV show were fluff.

Nothing like what Elwy Yost did with actors, directors, etc., that were more in-depth...

Oh well, we'll see starting next summer, I guess...



Article about the new TCM feature here:



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I remember seeing William Holden on the show, he was there promoting THE WILD BUNCH and was the first guest on the program. Next up was George Raft and this was what drove me to watch the show on that night. In those days, the first guest merely slid down the couch while the next one sat nearest the host. I was hoping to see some reference to a film that the two men made together.


Raft came out and before the man could speak, Holden jumped in with an anecdote. The two men made INVISIBLE STRIPES together 30 years earlier. Holden said that he had cross words with the director Lloyd Bacon who was apparently humiliating him at every opportunity until Holden fired back. Bacon then threatened to have the actor thrown off the film and Holden was thinking that this was it for his career.


Raft saw all of this going on and went over to tell Bacon that he was being rude to his co-star and that if he had anything to do with it, it would be Bacon who would be fired. Holden went on to say that a decade later he made a film for the same director (Holden never referred to him by name) and that when Bacon first saw him on that set, he ran over to tell him "I don't yell at people anymore."


Holden then said "If it wasn't for this man, I wouldn't be here."

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Carson did some very good interviews with several actors. His TV show was considered to be the top NBC show for publicizing an actor or actress in a new movie, since the show had a large audience. So, famous actors went on the show to be interviewed, even though they didn?t get paid much for their appearances.


I remember some Orson Welles interviews that were interesting.


Carson also did some skits with them, such as the one with Jack Webb and the Copper Clapper Caper, and the famous Ed Ames tomahawk throw.

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As an entertainer, Johnny Carson remains the late night talk show host by which I measure all others. Having said that, when it comes to interviews with celebrities, I rather suspect that Dick Cavett's interviews probably had more depth. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing these Carson sessions on TCM. It will be like welcoming an old friend back that I haven't seen in years.

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> {quote:title=TomJH wrote:}{quote}As an entertainer, Johnny Carson remains the late night talk show host by which I measure all others. Having said that, when it comes to interviews with celebrities, I rather suspect that Dick Cavett's interviews probably had more depth. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing these Carson sessions on TCM. It will be like welcoming an old friend back that I haven't seen in years.



Yes, definitely, I don't think you'll see the Carson interviews anywhere else, unless you buy the DVDs of them for sale too.

Carson's nephew, Jeff Sotzing, is in control of them and obviously expects big bucks for any of his uncle's old interviews to be on the air (to be fair he spent lots of money to digitize and index the Carson show archives, so it's only fair to get that dough back by selling rights and DVDs...)

The interviews will be out on DVD too...


The Carson Entertainment Group here:




This article explains about how the old Carson shows were digitized and who did the work, etc.:






Think people have to register at the site to search through the database: https://licensing.johnnycarson.com/



Anyway, yes, I remember Johnny Carson AND Dick Cavett and watched them both on TV (Yes, I'm that old...)... And to be fair, my yapping about Elwy Yost from TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movies" is meaningless for people who never saw any of Elwy's work (most Americans).

Plus Elwy's thing was very different from what Carson and Cavett did.

The actors, directors, etc., Elwy talked to weren't trying to push their product during the interview, neither were they with Elwy to try and boost ratings for his TV program.

They just talked about movies in a private and comfortable setting, often at the actors or directors own homes...

Anyway, enough of that.



Yes, it will be nice to see Johnny Carson in action again on TCM...

Will be 50 interviews with various actors from Carson's old show that will be aired on TCM...

Apart from the "specials" there will be "interstitial" individual chats between Carson and an actor (Yes, exactly the same way as was done by Elwy on TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movies." But I'm sure TCM knows nothing about that... Really...)...



Yes, Carson retired in 1992 and passed away in 2005, so will be nice to see him in action again...


Edited by: RMeingast on Nov 20, 2012 11:04 PM

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Funny this was posted...


I just got a Dick Cavett Show box set from the library called "Hollywood Greats" that features interviews with several actors and directors of classic film.

A few episodes are kind of stinkers, but a few are really outstanding like of course the familiar 2 part interview of Katherine Hepburn. It was great to see...& hear Frank Capra, Orson Welles, Robert Mitchum and John Huston speak candidly about their body of work.


Although I find Cavett to be a bland interviewer, he at least sits back and allows the guest to STAR and just ramble on. In the 70's when most of these interviews were made, the stars were still vital and entertaining while revered as "golden age".


There is a "bonus feature" of Robert Osborne interviewing Cavett for the box set, discussing the interviews-also excellent!


I think these rare glimpses of our familiar stars are great fun for the classic movie fan.

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I'd love to see Carson's interviews with Jayne Mansfield, though I know she hasn't been featured much on TCM. They were a riot. She was a frequent guest and Johnny and Ed used to tease her mercilessly, to which she responded in kind. True, by the 1960's she was probably lucky to be making movies at all and this kind of appearance became a big part of her "career", but she still put it all out there (in more ways than the obvious one) and was a very popular guest. A big part of the enduring respect I have for this often misunderstood and belittled personality comes from the Jayne we got to know in those appearances with Johnny Carson.

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Johnny's interviews were usually to let the star push their latest project,

but he did occasionally get them to reminisce about the good old days,

though who knows how accurate those stories were. I remember Jimmy

Stewart being on and Johnny always getting a kick out of his um...er....

you see...um delivery. Then he would read one of his poems. I'd love to

see his Art Fern character too. Hilarious.

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Dick Cavett's interviews were mainly questions and answers, which provided a lot of good solid movie background information for movie fans.


On the other hand, Carson chatted with his guests in such a way that allowed them to relax and feel comfortable, as if they were talking casually to a group of close friends. That way, I think we got to see their real personalities, plus we occasionally got some good inside information about movies and Hollywood.


Both sets of interviews are unique in their own special ways.


I remember when Jimmy Stewart was on the Carson show and had the audience crying after he read a poem about the death of his pet dog.

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> {quote:title=lzcutter wrote:}{quote}

> > Americans wouldn't have a clue who Elwy was

> In addition to career of interviewing, he's the father of producer Graham Yost ( *Band of Brothers*, *Justified*, etc).



Yes, nobody can pull one over on you, Miss Lzcutter... I should have written, "Americans, with the exception of Lzcutter."

Yes, Graham Yost a very successful Hollywood screenwriter:



TVO does have some videos of Elwy and his son Graham Yost on YT. Graham was with his dad on, I think, Elwy's final night as host of "SNAM" in 1999.

The film that night was his son's movie "Speed":



Clips from that final show as host here:








And a short tribute clip about Elwy after his passing last year in 2011.

Video clip includes Tony Curtis, Otto Preminger, Mel Brooks, and Jayne Meadows:




Guess there's other stuff on YouTube as well. I posted links elsewhere to Elwy's interview with Greer Garson in her New Mexico home... But I'll post them again here:






Yes, maybe Graham Yost will try and do something with his father's library of interviews, I don't know...


Anyway, back to Carson, yes, will be nice to see him again on TV after 20 years (he retired from "The Tonight Show" in 1992).


Happy Thanksgiving, Lzcutter...

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...and also SPEED starring Sandra Bullock, great movie!


Elwy Yost certainly had some great , at length, and in depth interviews. Even the stars would comment to him that they had never been interviewed for that lenght of time before. These interviews always took place in their homes which made it even more interesting.


To think that it took a Canadian to come up with this idea made it even more unusual!





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> {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}Dick Cavett's interviews were mainly questions and answers, which provided a lot of good solid movie background information for movie fans.


> On the other hand, Carson chatted with his guests in such a way that allowed them to relax and feel comfortable, as if they were talking casually to a group of close friends.

Have to disagree with you, Fred. The thing that made Cavett was he was a great conversationalist and NOT an interviewer who who read questions off an index card. Your description of Carson chatting with his guests would be a perfect description of Cavett (imho).


Not to take anything away from Johnny cause he is still the gold standard when it comes to talk shows.

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> {quote:title=SansFin wrote:}{quote}It is sad to say that the interview by Johnny Carson which I would most like to see has been denounced as non-existent. It is the one with Zsa Zsa Gabor and a kitty cat.

Well, you should register at the Carson Entertainment Group website and then search the program database... I think that's how it's supposed to work with the database of Carson's shows?




There's bunch of mumbo-jumbo at the link above:


"All clip requests will be reviewed for approval. We reserve the right to deny a request due to the content of the footage requested or the context in which it will be used. When a request has been approved, the requesting party will be contacted to quote the appropriate license fees for the rights requested and to confirm any information necessary. At that time a license agreement will be sent to the appropriate person for counter-execution along with an invoice for the license fees and transfer costs. *Use our searchable database to find the episode or guest you are looking for.*"


I highlighted that last sentence above in bold. Think you have to register first and then search?


The website for registration is here (free as far as I know):




But it may only be available for serious, professional researchers( with dough to spend)??

I don't know??


Register and see if they let you search their database of Carson shows...


TCM will air Carson bits with 50 stars, 20 of them Oscar winners.


*The list of 50 to be seen on TCM is* (from http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/tv-column/post/johnny-carson-returning-to-television/2012/11/20/4a4fb11a-334c-11e2-bfd5-e202b6d7b501_blog.html):


*Don Adams*


*Julie Andrews*


*Fred Astaire*



*Lauren Bacall*



*Lucille Ball*



*Drew Barrymore (at age 7)*




*Jack Benny*



*Candice Bergen*



*Carol Burnett*



*George Burns*



*Mel Brooks*



*Michael Caine*



*Truman Capote*



*Chevy Chase*



*Sean Connery*



*Bing Crosby*



*Tony Curtis*



*Bette Davis*



*Sammy Davis Jr.*



*Doris Day*



*Dom DeLuise*



*Angie Dickinson*



*Kirk Douglas*



*Sally Field*



*Henry Fonda*



*Goldie Hawn*



*Charlton Heston*



*William Holden*



*Bob Hope*



*Diane Keaton*



*Gene Kelly*



*Jack Lemmon*



*Steve Martin*



*Dudley Moore*



*Mary Tyler Moore*



*Gregory Peck*



*Tony Randall*



*Ronald Reagan*



*Burt Reynolds*



*Susan Sarandon*



*George C. Scott*



*Arnold Schwarzenegger*



*Neil Simon*



*Red Skelton*



*Sylvester Stallone*



*James Stewart*



*Elizabeth Taylor*



*Robin Williams*



*Jonathan Winters*



*Shelley Winters*



I don't know how long the Carson bits will be between films?? The length of his interviews varied??

Could be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, I don't know??


Anyway, something different that people haven't seen for a long time...


P.S. The interviews will be for sale on DVD too from Carson Entertainment Group:



Wouldn't be surprised if TCM sells the DVDs too for Carson Entertainment Group, as part of their wide variety of merchandise for sale to viewers, but I don't know...


Edited by: RMeingast on Nov 21, 2012 7:42 PM

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Not sure why Don Adams is there, but I like him too...


Maybe TCM gonna air some "Inspector Gadget" films?

Or maybe "The Nude Bomb"??


I remember the Canadian TV show he did in the late 1980s "Check it out!"


Good stuff for Don Adams fans: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Check_it_Out!_%28Canadian_TV_series%29


Don Adams Wiki article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Adams


Oh well, like I said, I like Don Adams, so whatever...



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