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Boris Karloff B-Day (125)


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Yes, someone in another thread mentioned that today is Boris Karloff's birthday.

Mr. Pratt (his real name) was born this day (Nov. 23) in 1887 so today is the 125th anniversary of his birth.


BFI (British Film Institute) has a list, put together by curator Vic Pratt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vic_Pratt), of 10 Karloff films:




Karloff spent time in Canada before moving to the US and making his name in history in Hollywood.


Articles about his life in Canada and his early acting career here:


This article about his life in British Columbia:



And then his travels through the province of Alberta:



Happy B-Day, Mr. Karloff!!

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> {quote:title=Swithin wrote:}{quote}Since today is Boris Karloff's birthday and also Black Friday, it would have been a perfect day to show Black Friday (1940).


Yes, indeed. But think you`d have to be some sort of genius film geek to be able to have had the foresight to know Karloff`s B-Day and Black Friday would be on the same day this year...


Black Friday is on November 29 in 2013... Not on Karloff`s B-Day again until 2018 (November 23)...


You have 6 years to get on it TCM... Unless you wanna air ``Black Friday`` on his B-Day anyway, close enough to the shopping day Black Friday, I guess...



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Hi. I got this off another website I post on occassionally and thought it was very interesting and "telling" of the real Boris Karloff.


*“I’ll never forget, before we worked together in ‘Fu Manchu’ (1932), during the Summer we had a terrible drought. Boris was making ‘Frankenstein’ (1931), and I lived above him in Coldwater Canyon. One evening, I was driving home when I suddenly nearly drove my car into a ditch - there in the lovely garden, was the monster itself, tenderly watering the roses. Boris was such a dedicated gardener that he was afraid he’d lose the roses to the heat, so had rushed home without taking off his makeup to catch them at sundown - the best time for watering. It was quite a sight.” - Actor Charles Starrett*


To bad this actor did not have a camera, that would have made for a amazing picture. I have always heard and read that Boris Karloff was really a very kind and gentle man. Funny his most famous role was that of portraying a monster.




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