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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!! Week of Tues, Nov 27-Sun, Dec 2!!!


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TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!!! Belatedly Tues Nov 27 through Sun, Dec 2!!!


Sorry for not having this ready to roll on Sunday but got a bit behind with holiday and work!

But hey, the grooves start hard for me tonight, Tuesday, with our final--unfortunately--visit

from Constance Bennett as Star of the Month! I've really totally grooved on the flix screened

for Constance's month, and this week will be no exception though we're far afield from pre-code

and digging into some of her later noir-ish work! Tonight the grooves start hard with the 1939

TAIL SPIN, with Alice Faye, Nancy Kelly, Joan Davis, and Jane Wyman, also including Kane

Richmond! Next up, Warren William joins the party, along with Bruce Cabot in the rip-roarin'

WILD BILL HICKOK RIDES (1942)!!! Then it's Constance showing up in Greta Garbo's cinematic

finale, TWO FACED WOMAN (1941), followed by a couple of noir gems, SMART WOMAN (1948) with Brian Aherne, Barry Sullivan and my main man, James Gleason!!! Next, Constance is rockin' with Claude Rains and Audrey Totter in THE UNSUSPECTED (1947)!!! Groove on it!!!


In the wee hours of Wednesday, sis Joan shows up in a really cool low-budget and oft-overlooked

noir, WOMAN ON THE BEACH (1947) with Robert Ryan, tough as nails Charles Bickford, and "Granny", Irene Ryan!!! Don't miss this one, it's on at 4:30am EST Wed morning!


Then it's off to the races with the sexy Gloria Grahame for a full day of her flix starting at

6AM est with BLONDE FEVER (1944) along with Mary Astor and Philip Dorn!!! Next, noir creeps in

with the 3 Bob's--Robert Young, Robert Mitchum and Robert Ryan, along with Gloria in CROSSFIRE

(1947)!! Next, Red Skelton gets into the act, along with Virgina O'Brien, Alan Mowbray, and Leon

Ames, in MERTON OF THE MOVIES (1947)!! The oater, ROUGHSHOD (1949) is next with Robert Sterling joining in the act with Gloria, directed by Mark Robson, and also featuring John Ireland and

Myrna Dell!! More noir action as Mitch and Jane Russell mix it up with Gloria and William Bendix

in MACAO (1952)!! Then the Lang hard-hitting crime drama, THE BIG HEAT (1953), followed by a gem that rarely gets play, check it out, a noir winner, THE GOOD DIE YOUNG (1954) with Laurence

Harvey, Richard Basehart, John Ireland and Joan Collins!!! This is one to not miss!!! Finally a 1971 low-budget flick with Gloria that I've never seen, CHANDLER, which looks kinda cool, with Warren Oates and Leslie Caron!


Wednesday night's final run of the month-long novel to film feature starts with a night full of sci-fi then a day full of oaters! THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (1971) shows up at 10pm EST, then at 5:15am is FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON (1958), with Joseph Cotten and George Sanders!!! Then the oaters kick in, first with a Richard Dix silent flick, THE VANISHING AMERICAN (1925), followed by THE LAST HUNT (1956) with Robert Taylor, Stewart Granger and Lloyd Nolan!! And throughout Thursday daytime home on the range continues with some gems like THE OX-BOW INCIDENT (1943) and THE SEARCHERS (1956)!!


Thursday night's theme is "Variations on a Theme" and it will kick off with a TCM premiere that I'm really totally looking forward to, with Bob Hope and Kate Hepburn in their first, and only, match-up, THE IRON PETTICOAT (1956)!!! Really gonna groove to this one!!! Also onboard is the original inspiration for the Hope/Hepburn teamup, this one featuring Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas, along with my man Bela Lugosi, in NINOTCHKA (1939) at 1:30am est!! This is followed by Leslie Howard and the gorgeous Kay Francis, along with William Gargan, J Carroll Naish and Cesar Romero in the spy thriller, BRITISH AGENT (1934)!!


Friday daytime is all about the sexy drop-dead gorgeous VIRGINIA MAYO, and thought it's a day filled with most of the usual suspects, you gotta dig all the crime/noir flix!!! First up, at 6am EST, SMART GIRLS DON'T TALK (1948) with the also lovely Helen Westcott, Bruce Bennett and Robert Hutton! Then a break from the crime scene with a howler, ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING (1949) with Uncle Milt himself, along with the sexy Ruth Roman!! Returning to noir, and sexy Helen Westcott along with Virginia, in FLAXY MARTIN (1949), also with Zachary Scott, Dorothy Malone, and Elisha Cook, Jr!! Up at 12:30pm est, is the gangster classic, with Cagney and O'Brien, natch, WHITE HEAT (1949) followed by George Raft toughin' it up in RED LIGHT (1949) with Raymond Burr and Harry Morgan back when they were noir heavies, along with Gene Lockhart!!


Friday night don't miss THE LOCKET (1946) at 8pm, with flashbacks galore in noir-ish fashion and featuring Mitch, Brian Aherne, and my main man, Ricardo Cortez!!! This is followed by another rarely screened 1936 Universal horror flick, DRACULA'S DAUGTHER, with Gloria Holden in the title role, Otto Kruger, Marguerite Churchill, Nan Grey, my main man Edward Van Sloane, and a creepy turn by Irving Pichel as Gloria's manservant! Up later, at 2:45am, check out THE TWONKY (1953) with Hans Conreid and Gloria Blondell!!! Wowza!!


Saturday is totally rockin' the house, as it often does on TCM, with the hilarious MOVIE CRAZY (1932) kickin' it off, one of Harold Lloyd's rockin' talkies, with the oh-so-sexy Constance Cummings!! I'm there! This is followed by a Bela Lugosi chiller, MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE (1932) with Sydney Fox and Leon Ames (went by Waycoff back then!)!! Then it's down home cookin' with THE JUDGE STEPS OUT (1949) with Ann Sothern and George Tobias!! Then it looks like we'll have a weekly oater in the 10:45am slot on Saturdays, this week with THE DURANGO KID (1940) featuring Charles Starrett, Luana Walters and my main man Kenneth MacDonald!! George Sanders shows up in this week's Saint series installment, THE SAINT TAKES OVER (1940) with Wendy Barrie and Jonathan Hale!!! Later, at 4:45pm est, Ray Harryhausen works his sci-fi magic in EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS (1956) with Hugh Marlowe and Joan Taylor!!!


Saturday night we're on the road and the kick-off to the theme with "The Essentials" will feature TCM board fave, Joel McCrea along with sexy Veronica Lake in SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (1941), directed by Preston Sturges and also starring William Demarest, Eric Blore, Robert Greig, and Franklin Pangborn!!


The absolutely sexy gorgeous Veronica Lake shows up again at noon on Sunday, paired with noir partner, Alan Ladd, and Brian Donlevy in THE GLASS KEY (1942) also featuring Joseph Calleia, Bonita Granville, and William Bendix!! I'll also be grooving hard to the Silent Sunday feature, one I've not seen before, BARDELYS THE MAGNIFICENT (1926), directed by King Vidor, and starring John Gilbert, in his heyday, along with Eleanor Boardman!!! Dig it!!!


Thank you, TCM, for yet another awesome week of totally groovy flix!!!

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> {quote:title=markbeckuaf wrote:

> }{quote}TCM Flix To Groove Hard To!!!!

> Tuesday, Nov. 27.

> Constance Bennett as Star of the Month!


Looking forward to toinight's Connie flicks!


But unfortunately, what would have been one of the highlights of the Constance Bennett series for me (as it's the only one TCM had scheduled that I'd never seen before) has been dropped from the original schedule: ESCAPE TO GLORY (1940) - Columbia. It was supposed to have been on late Tuesday night.

I hope they can work out whatever the problem was and can reschedule it.

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Yo Groooovy mark, good to see you, dude! :)


Rats, Smart Woman is on at 12:45am! Sans youth or a DVR or knowledge of my DVD recorder, I shall miss it unless it's rerun in the daytime sometime. :(


Don't forget, mark, Brighton Rock is on at 6:00pm. It's new to me, and the only one of the novel ---> screen adaptations that looks like a must not miss.


Rock on, mark!

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About Mark's "main man" , James Gleason. I liked him a lot better when he put on a few pounds and changed his name to Jackie ;) --- -- About the noirs; *Woman On The Beach* is a winner, with Ryan and Bickford its a can't miss. I have yet to see *The Good Die Young* , with my "main man" , Richard Basehart, it has to be good.

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It is very nice to have you return!


*The Unsuspected* (1947) is one of my favorite Claude Rains' movies. He is at his deviously charming best.


I do not understand all of Wednesday night's movies being categorized as Horror. I believe they would fit much better under Science Fiction.


Friday night is the best of the week. I do not know *Dracula's Daughter* (1936) and I am looking forward to it. I know and like all the others very much!

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MrRoberts, James would have to have put quite a bit more just a few pounds to get to Jackie's weight class!! I dig Jackie too, in fact, The Honeymooners is one of the grooviest shows EVER on television! It rocks!


Those are some rockin' noirs you mentioned! Please let us know what you think of THE GOOD DIE YOUNG once you've seen it? I only saw it once a LONG time ago and not sure if it was from TCM or another source to be honest, and can't wait to check it again!

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Thank you so very much, SansFin!!!


I also agree, Wednesday night is all about sci-fi!


I really dig DRACULA'S DAUGHTER, and would love to hear your thoughts after you have a chance to view it? Friday night is pretty rockin'! And late night, THE TWONKY too! I've never seen that but heard lots about it!

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*Brighton Rock *is not-to-be-missed, if you haven't seen it. TCM runs it once or twice a year, lately.



I'd seen it many years ago but it was great to see it again today.


What I know about Brighton: I went there with my mother when she was visiting us. When we were going through the Pavilion (the Prince Regent's fanciful oriental palace) I looked over at a lady who was being guided through the rooms, and saw it was Claire Trevor. I whispered it to my mum, who gave her a careful sidelong glance, not wishing to disturb or acknowledge her, but she was thrilled. It was a highlight.


Watching the movie today, I waited forever for the title to show up in the dialogue and finally heard it as Hermione Baddeley said, "It's like the candy, it goes all the way through," or something similar. For those who haven't encountered it, Brighton Rock is a candy stick that has the Brighton name folded into it when it's formed, and it's always there, all the way to the end. Nice reference to Pinkie, the sleazy gangster. Hermione was so young in this one.

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I thought The Twonky was like The Tingler but it looks to be more like the recent Rubber, wherein BF Goodrich takes its revenge out on humans. Like vampires walking at a snail's pace, one cannot outrun a television set or a tire.


What was the general consensus on the ending of Brighton Rock? A very interesting movie, that I thought was remade with Tom Hardy, but I can't find it.


Saw some of the later films of Ms. Bennett - I never would have believed it, but she didn't age well.

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MOVIE CRAZY (1932) kickin' it off, one of Harold Lloyd's rockin' talkies, with the oh-so-sexy Constance Cummings!!


mark, did you really like this movie? I was totally groovin' on CC (back when she was drop dead gorgeous and not as she looked in 1948) and then Harold Lloyd whom I loved in his silents, and believe me, I hate silents, made me recoil in horror and I had to turn it off.


At least there's a Saint movie on the agenda.


I can't wait to read what you thought of Brighton Rock, especially the ending.

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