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Another tv. sit-com


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Another comedy tv.sit-com I'm trying to remember was a half hour show that was aired maybe in the 80's or 70's. It's about a man who was mistaken as a spy by other organizations, and no matter how hard he tries to convince his pursuers no one believes him that he is NOT a spy, and is always on the run: He is just an ordinary fellow but because of a misunderstanding or mistaken identity,he was labeled as a spy.

Can anyone tell me the name of this show? Thanks!!

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Thank-you kindly for the response,Finance.I don't think that it is loosly based on NORTH BY NORTHWEST. The more I think about it,the leading character appeared a few times on DRAGNET starring Jack Webb. The character in question is a chubby,good natured fellow with a friendly voice, and a squarish face with a slightly askewed mouth. It could be him;In my mind, I think it is.

I can't recall the title of the episode where he appeared in this one episode of Dragnet:


Joe Friday was searching for a con artist who always borrowed money with the promise of paying it back. In this case the con-artist roomed with this character. This character admitted his own dimwhittedness by loaning him the money twice & to house him again.


I tried looking on IMDB but the episose descriptions are not that descriptive and the photos of actors & actresses are scarce.


NOWHERE MAN sounds very familiar in terms of title only. I tried to search for that title on imdb for the half-hour comedy show but came up nill.


I hope that this is helpful. Thanks for your help!!





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Thank-you kindly for your response Valois13. THAT SOUNDS like an interesting series to watch. I'll give it a try: But this is not the series I was looking for: Thanks for your help!!


Sulivan's Travels: Jack Sheldon and "Run,Buddy,Run" DEFINATELY rings bells. That's probably the series I'm looking for,sir:THANKS!!


I couldn't remember the actor's name.


I found it on IMDB the show title, (but not the photo of Jack Sheldon), and yes this is the one!!


On Friday,he'll turn 81,eh? Happy days to him and may he have many happy years ahead!! :D

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