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Murder on the Orient Express question

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I was watching my DVD of the mystery classic "Murder on the Orient Express" (waiting for the Blu-ray release) and I have a question about the film. Here is my question:


There is a scene toward the beginning of the film where, after eating his meal, Hercule Poirot is seen drinking something green out of a tiny glass with a straw. What is this drink? Whoever can answer this question, I THANK YOU in advance.



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Possibly his beloved tisane? While other folks would have espresso, Hercule loved his tisane.


Which MOTOE were you watching? David Suchet is, imo, the greatest Poirot ever.



My understanding of tisane is that it's any herbal tea. So you were right. And I agree that Suchet was the best. I heard him talking in an interview about taking the accent home with him once, not thinking, and his kids went mad laughing at him. A very nice man.


I remember an episode of Poirot where he rode in an amphibious cart that took off from a beach and landed on an island. I got all excited becuse I knew that cart! I had seen it when we were on vacation in Devonshire. The tide is so fast there that if you're not careful you'll be caught by it and perhaps drowned. The cart sort of thing was tall and on wheels, and it drove from the beach to the island carrying people out to a night club for an evening of revelry. Not Poirot, of course, since he needed to get out there to solve a crime.

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> {quote:title=willbefree25 wrote:}{quote}The absinthe I bought is not green. I turned green at trying a drop of the stuff (and I do mean a drop)...........but it's white.



From the wikipedia:

> Absinthe traditionally has a natural green colour but may also be colourless.


I agree. Suchet is the best!

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Absinthe is very very popular & common in France, probably more common then coffee.Most people there drink it before a meal, to wet their appetite. You might say it is their National drink. It is very strong & sweet and usually drank in shot glasses. :P

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33 minutes ago, hamradio said:

Now I have a question...why does Albert Finney needs so much Vitalis?

I dunno. Maybe 'cause many more men than you might think suffer from E.D.?

Oh, wait. You said Vi-TALIS here, didn't ya ham.

(...sorry, never mind then)

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On 12/1/2012 at 9:44 PM, slaytonf said:

Am I alone in thinking Albert Finney was just as good?

Have never seen the British Poirot TV series so no nothing about Suchet.  However, I have MOTOE with Finney on DVD.  One of our favorite movies.  Finney was excellent in the role.  Of course, he also had a fantastic supporting cast, great direction and excellent script.  Not to mention the sets.

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