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Print Photos of Cast in older films 1940 -1950 era El paso, Gabby Hayes


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I have some 8x10 exhibition prints or photos by Paramount Pictures Inc, for movie El Paso, starring John Payne, Gail Russell, Sterling Hayden, George "Gabby" Hayes, Dick Foran and others. The print is a hanging scene. These prints were used for advertisement and were from different scenes during the film. They state on the bottom Property of National Screen Service Corp. licensed for display only in connection with the exhibition of this picture at your theatre. Copyright 1949 by Paramount Pictures, Inc. Permission granted for Newspaper and Magazine reproduction(Made in USA) they are numbered in the photo maybe a scene number or print number and on bottom of print they have different numbers like 49/64. I have one from Hallmark Productions for the movie Why Men Leave Home with All Star Hollywood Cast; dated 1951 Photo Copyright USA BY Hallmark Productions. It also has a a number in the photo. It is a photo of a young lady. I have 4 more different scenes and wanted to know if anyone knows how to or where I could find out about these prints and what their value may be. These are black and white photos.

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> {quote:title=bootsis31 wrote:

> }{quote}I have some 8x10 exhibition prints or photos by Paramount Pictures Inc, for movie El Paso...



These are most commonly known as stills.


The numbers on the stills indicate the movie and the number of the still. For example, on stills for EL PASO the number 6049 is for all stills from that movie, while the number after 6049 is the number of the individual still. Your "hanging scene" still may be number 6049-63.


The number 49/64 at the bottom I believe is the National Screen Service number, indicating in this case that EL PASO is the 64th production in the year 1949. These same numbers will also be at the bottom of lobby cards and posters for EL PASO.


EL PASO may be a good movie with a good cast, but I'm afraid it's not real collectible. (Now, if the movie featured the likes of Louise Brooks or Bela Lugosi then you'd have something!) A quick look on eBay shows several stills from the movie being offered, with average prices in the 10 to 13 dollar range, which I consider a bit high. There's one on there for only $4 but it looks like it's been there a while with no interest so far.

A look at eBay "completed auctions" for EL PASO stills shows not much action, except for, coincidentally, a still of a hanging scene was recently sold!

So, you never know!


That movie WHY MEN LEAVE HOME is a bit more obscure. Still, I'm not sure how desirable stills from it may be. There's only one listed on eBay right now, and it's from the British release of the movie, so it's hard to say what value or collectibility yours may have.


By the way, what are the "4 more different scenes" you mentioned? Are they also from WHY MEN LEAVE HOME?


But movie stills from anything can have value to somebody. There are collectors of just about every star ever to appear in films, so someone somewhere would probably be interested in your stills.

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