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I wouldn't say that a Hispanic is necessarily a person who speaks Spanish, because many people from Latin American Countries are not strictly of Hispanic descent. Hispanic is similar to Spanish, in other words, "from Spain".


Also, as I stated, people from Brazil in South America speak Portuguese; people from Guyana in South America, speak English; people from Surinam in South America, speak Dutch; people from French Guiana in South America speak French, and so on.


They're all different concepts. Latin American means "Americans of Latin roots", especially regarding their language I believe; French, Italian and Spanish Languages all have commom Latin Roots. English, Nordic and German Languages, have other "roots".


I like to say I speak Castilian not really Spanish, although it's been accepted as such (the denomination of "Spanish" as our language and most Latin American countries' Language).


But, in Spain people from Catalu?a speak "Catal?n" which is similar to French; People from Galicia speak "Galician" which is similar to Irish and Portuguese, I'd even say it has sort of "Celtic" Roots; People from the "Pa?s Vasco" speak Vasco, a very odd language...so, what we denominate as Spanish is the ancient Castilian Language, which comes from the Castilian Kingdom.


Sorry for extending myself, hope I wasn't too boring...

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4 BIG STARS, to me pal Mongo! & any others that in essence said what he said as well!


TCM is among the few places-(not only on television, but anywhere) where "PC" & it's lingering nonsensical aftermath is not going to breakthrough-(HOPEFULLY, NEVER!?)


Why don't these "PC" nitwits, just re-write history as well-(including "The Constitution")


For those that may not know this. Political Correctness actually started in the mid to late 1980's & on college campuses no-less-(kids, still wet behind the ears for the most part??? & for some "ASININE" reason, the rest of the adults-(well, not all of them) followed them.

They have not really even experienced enough life to begin with, to start revising the english language?


Whats next, re-painting such stuff as Van Gogh & others?


& for the record I am not a "Republican' nor a "Democrate"-(I hate the labels that also goes along with this utter nonsense "Liberal"/ "Conservative" & yadda, yadda, yadda


I even recall when I 1st heard it popping-up-(via talk radio actually & around 1986)


Change the Channel-(to quote my great galpal HOLLY!)

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To tcmprogrammer, personally, I hate this type of discussion on such a superb website/network as TCM

However, I review between 36 & 60 new releases per yr. as well-(& in a theatre) But, as with majority on here I by far still love Hollywoods Golden Age/Studio-System!

Thing is, I see many flix that may be of a terrible nature,etc-(& offend many people. Especially the ones I constantly see, that either don't read about said movie before-hand & even more-so, they bring their children to a very R-rated film?) But, I personally go by how "Well-Made," these pix are & not the content-(P.S. unless it's a documentary & is asking in a way to be judged that way. Such as a "Fahrenheit 9/11")


On that note 1985's 9hr docu "Shoah" easily rates among the all-timers-(it is hebrew for annihilation by the way)


You've likely heard of-it. A superbly crafted motion picture.

As is Leni Reifenstahl's docu's "Triumph of the Will" (1934) & the 2 "0lympia" documentaries she made. She alledgedly said she had no choice, after WW11-(another thing I am a buff of)

She only passed away a couple yrs. ago as a matter of fact & most know she had a choice-(former heavyweight boxing champ: Max Schmeling-(whom ironically also just died, at 99) was at first used by Hitler-(he defeated Joe Louis in 1st fight, but was annihilated in rematch) So of course Hitler had no further use for him-(however, it should be noted that Schmeling actually save a few Jews lives all the time this was going-on!) He made the choice, that apparently Reifenstahl did, or would not

Anyway, her docu's are always listed among the best ever produced-(& by liberal film critics for the most part?)


& as far as D.W. Griffith's "Birth of a Nation" (1915) I'm well aware that many find it's portrayal of the **** offensive.-(thats been getting that buzz for many, many, years) However, it was thee very first: "EVENT PICTURE!" 24yrs. before *"GWTW" (1939)-(which, in 10yrs. many may protest this picture as well?)


We cannot, or should not "EDIT/REVISE" History?

Because it will amost always offend somebody, someday


Look at the X-rated & ultra-violent flix on cable-(turn the channel & or better yet, parents should be doing something about that & not letting the cable company baby sit their child?)


Vaudeville was a fact. Then there was Burlesque & so-on & the motion picture industry of the day, just covered it.


1947's Walt Disney movie "Song of the South" has already apparently been "BANNED!?"-(sounds fimiliar huh?

Just like Berlin itself, very ironic)

Most don't even realize that that movie won 2 OSCARS-(it's just offensive) Matter of fact, Hollywood awarded: James Baskett a special non-competitive OSCAR as Uncle Remus & it also took home Best Song-(Uncle Walt sure would love-it, that his picture is treated like it never even existed???)


As our great pal Mongo said Italians on both tv & in cinema, are mostly portrayed as Gangsters/Mafia,etc & I am Irish & the majority-(especially in the Studio-System days) portray us as: "Drunks" & "Moronic Brawlers"-(matter of fact, *John Ford is my candidate as all-time greatest director & look at *V. McLaglen & his stock company in most of his films)


TCM is basically a "TIME CAPSULE!" & I'd wager about 99 per cent of us fans, love-it just that way


Thank You




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my very brief thoughts:


- we don't plan do edit the films in any way; as many have suggested, we can't (and shouldn't) rewrite history


- I do understand why many people are offended by the films; while we can't rewrite history, we can't ignore it, either, and I think we should acknowledge there's a lot to be offended about


as I said in an earlier post, I hope we can address this topic directly on the network at some point


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Another thought: Only 'thing' I'd like to censor, i in fact wipe out completely is RAP so-called MUSIC? Such a bad influence especially on youth - and while we're on t his topic I'd like to see all the sex in films, but not stupid and unreal violence by which a few try to duplicate. The body counts etc, is so prolific today--

No wonder Europeans look at us as if we were all children.

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Leo, a lot of people make comments like that and don't really mean it so I am going to assume that you would not really support censoring rap music. Despite that fact I feel the need to say something. Just because you don't like or understand something does not mean it is not worth while. I like a broad range of music, blue grass, blues, modern alternative, punk, classic rock, and yes some rap. I don't like what's going on with a lot of popular rap but that does not mean it should be dismissed entirely as a genre. Rap music is just as much a legitimate form of expression as the types of music you do enjoy, and in fact in the early days of rap it was an important form of expression. No one is asking you to like rap, but writing it off like that is just as bad as trying to censor classic films.

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allycat, at the risk of bringing this 'off topic', I'd like to agree with you. I too think rap music is intentionally obscene and ignorant, whilst ensuring that the crafty technicians who appeal to the lowest common denominators fill their coffers to the overflowing when they market and produce this tripe.


Even at that, I would no more censor it than I would the Beatles music that was my nirvana when I was growing up. There were those who thought the British Revolution was the end of the civilized world.


It is akin to censoring Silent Films or Amos and Andy or The Little Rascals. Everything has its place in the world, and it is the job of the intelligent consumer to decide which is gold and which is garbage. When the consumer allows a power higher than themselves to decide 'what is good for them', all is lost.


OH, and if tomin nevahnevah land is reading, can YOU translate for me this time? I would love to know what in the holy heck is meant by:


"and while we're on t his topic I'd like to see all the sex in films, but not stupid and unreal violence by which a few try to duplicate. The body counts etc, is so prolific today--"







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sometimes censorship can be "good" for some, as it does fill some people's coffers, or raise the critical estimation of something taken out of circulation.


I am reminded, by your reference to the Beatles, of their famous Butcher Block album cover, which was pasted over by anxious Capitol executives, so as not to offend tender young minds, or their older relative's psyches. For eons, fans were trying to strip off the new cover, so as to be able to sell the original Butcher Block cover to collectors, some with less luck than others.


The end result is...that now the new cover which was ostensibly meant to censor the old cover, is the valuable one, and much in demand.


Bringing this back to movies, the Beatles onscreen, under the direction of the great Richard Lester did get a few things by the censors I think. I love Wilfred Brambell, who was a caution in "A Hard Day's Night" and am hoping to someday find Michael Reeves' horror film, "The Witchfinder General" on dvd, so that I can see his performance in that.


I notice ever since the Criterion version of "Salo.." by Pasolini, went OOP...it is in high demand and prices keep escalating. I always wondered if it got put OOP, due to some protests.


This thread has certainly become interesting, in all its twists and turns.







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