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Bogey rants some times hard to follow


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I'm a big fan of Bogey, but I must say the circus movie yesterday had some strange slang. He goes into a rant about some girl doing the Humpty Dumpty and getting the Heebie Jeebies....and it just went on and on like that......I really doubt if people talked like that ever, probably just in the movies.


I also thought for years is was just me that found The Big Sleep confusing. Now I find out that the movie is considered very confusing by just about everybody.


and yes there was a chemistry between Bogey and Bacall, but sometimes you need the Oveltine Decoder Ring to understand most of their conversations.


I like Bogey movies, but I'm not even going to try to figure out half the slang, such as doing the Humpty Dumpty....I think movie writers made alot of this stuff up. Just as I don't think many people called a telephone an Ameche, sounds more like movie writers stuff.


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"Wagons Roll... " is pretty much a badly written film in the first place.


"The Big Sleep" DEFINITELY confusing. But that doesn't mean it's not extremely entertaining. Supposedly Raymond Chandler himself couldn't say who did one of the killings when he was asked?

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People really did talk that way then and before. I talk that

way to this day, at times, having learned it from old films.


Humpty Dumpty was early slang for a short, clumsy person.


Heebie Jeebies is like 'the creeps' or 'goosebumps' or the

'willies' or the hair standing up on the back of your neck.

Similar to a Halloween cat. It's that chill that runs up your

spine when there is nobody around.


I must have seen *The Big Sleep* a dozen times not being able

to figure out all the dead bodies. Then, when I knew what to

look for, there were no connections made in the film. But it's

still one of my favorite Bogart films. Mostly because of that

little comic routine with the female clerk in the bookstore.

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