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Have all the Presidents been portrayed in film?


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I must have too little to do. Perhaps I should employ myself with more valuable occupations, like sorting my spare change by denomination, date, and mint. Anyway. . . .


I'm thinking of their portrayal while they were President, so movies like Young Mr. Lincoln don't count. Modern Presidents, of course can't have classic films for them, but I'm not so particular. Please note one film with each President, that is, if you don't have anything better to do:


Theodore Roosevelt--The Wind and the Lion

Frankiln Roosevelt--Yankee Doodle Dandy (hm, not the best of examples)

Abraham Lincoln--Of human Hearts (sorry, it's the only one I could think of)

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{font:Calibri}6th president John Quincy Adams

Anthony Hopkins, *Amistad*, 1997{font}



8th president Martin Van Buren

Nigel Hawthorne, *Amistad*, 1997



19th president Rutherford B. Hayes

John Dilson, *Buffalo Bill*, 1944{font}





{font:Calibri}22nd & 24th president Grover Cleveland

William B. Davidson, *Lillian Russell*, 1940{font}

{font:Calibri}Stuart Holmes, *The Oklahoma Kid*, 1939{font}




{font:Calibri}23rd president Benjamin Harrison

Roy Gordon, *Stars and Stripes Forever*, 1952{font}



35th president John F. Kennedy

Cliff Robertson, *PT 109*, 1963






{font:Calibri}41st president George Bush

James Cromwell, *W.*, 2008



43rd president George W. Bush

Josh Brolin, *W.*, 2008{font}

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I was recently working on a project that had me looking this stuff up.


If they haven't already been mentioned while I composed this, I can add -


Alexander Knox as Woodrow Wilson in *Wilson*

(Coming up on TCM in February)


Van Heflin as Andrew Johnson in *Tennesee Johnson*

(I _think_ he gets into the White House in the film)


Lionel Barrymore as Andrew --Johnson-- Jackson in *The Gorgeous Hussy*


James Whitmore as Harry Truman in *Give 'Em Hell Harry!*


Anthony Hopkins as Richard Nixon in *Nixon*


Bruce Greenwood as JFK in *Thirteen Days*


Josh Brolin as George W. Bush in *W*




Disney's *The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band* references the 1888 Presidential election between Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison but I don't think the two characters appear in the movie. Each has a song about themselves though.




and for some "other" examples of film portrayals...

Edward Herrmann as FDR in *Annie*

Frank McGlynn, Sr. as Lincoln in *The Littlest Rebel*


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Dec 7, 2012 7:15 AM to change Johnson to Jackson

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*"I hadn't noticed that Wilson will be on TCM in February, thanks for that info! I assume the fullest version will be shown, with the newsreels, etc."* - swithin


You're welcome.

*Wilson* is scheduled for Friday, February 8th at 8pm/5pm. It has a posted runtime of 154 min.

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And THEN there's Sydney Greenstreet's vivid portrayal of Millard Fillmore in the little remembered 1947 epic, Hold On To Your Whig.


(...don't know of this one?!...well, I DID say it was "little remembered", didn't I?!!!...okay, and maybe nonexistent too) ;)

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The Monroe Doctrine (1939)


Grant Mitchell ... John Quincy Adams


Charles Waldron ... President James Monroe


Sidney Blackmer ... Theodore Roosevelt


Edwin Stanley ... President James K. Polk


Millard Vincent ... President Millard Fillmore


Stuart Holmes ... Grover Cleveland

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> {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote}Andrew Jackson has to be the most colorful and controversial President the U S has ever had . I am surprised no one has ever made a bio picture of his life and times . Hollywood couldn't have written a better script.

Charlton Heston and Susan Hayward played the Jacksons in *The President's Lady* in 1953. She died just before he was sworn in so it ends there. And there's also *The Gorgeous Hussy* which is mostly fiction. His very tumulus administration would be a good film topic with the right people in charge. The fact that he was a Southerner who opposed succession is in itself unique.

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Tsk, Tsk!



NONE of you "classic movie" freaks mentioned RALPH BELLAMY as FDR in *Sunrise at Campobello* !



Has anyone else portrayed HARRY TRUMAN other than ED FLANDERS? (*MacArthur* )












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Yep, Sepia. In regard to Truman, James Whitmore played him in 1975's Give 'Em Hell, Harry!, a role which he took on the road many times and made famous before the film was produced.


(...though word was he was ALSO thinking of tackling the role of Millard You-Know-Who just before his death...Whitmore's death, NOT Millard's that is)

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James Whitmore! Damn, what a fine actor!



I read in some James dean bio that Dean used to attend acting workshop's given by Whitmore in his apartment. And I remember seeing Whitmore on PBS many moons ago doing his one-man act of WILL ROGERS. FAN! TAS! TICK!



MAN, I miss that guy!






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