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Just a thread to discuss classic TV shows


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I know a great many of us grew up with the same shows of the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, so I figured this would be the best place to find a group of like minds and I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a place where we can discuss them, respect them, disrespect them, whatever.


I thought about this because of the episode tonight of Mission Impossible on MeTV which had Sal Mineo and the wonderful Lesley Ann Warren. Until recently, I thought it would be nice to own the entire series on DVD, but I've managed to talk myself out of ever doing that. Having sampled about two weeks worth of them on ME, I admit to being pretty fed up with the series. Almost all of them had the IMF planning to break up a dictatorship somewhere. That really gets tiring. As does the absurdity of Paris the magician, played by Leonard Nimoy, never being recognized anywhere in any of his mission identites or toupees. And it seems to me in the opening moments of most shows where he is selecting his crew, Jim (Peter Graves) spends just a little too much time looking at the photo of Willie, the muscleman. Keep expecting him to say, "Willie, do you like movies about gladiators?" And couldn't he have just gone to a meeting room to get his instructions, instead of being out in public finding the tape recording and envelope of photos? City garbagemen must have talked after work about finding yet another burnt-out tape recorder.

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Yep, I always DID think Phelps always kinda slipped past the picture of Cinnamon ESPECIALLY just a little too quickly, at least for MY tastes anyway! MAN, was Barbara Bain ever a **** back then!


Btw, you might have caught the PBS documentary a couple years ago titled the "Pioneers of Television", and if you did then you might have also caught the episode where they covered Cops, P.I.s and Spies, and in which they mention the first couple of years of "M.I." most of the villains were American and lets say, "of ethnic origin" and the action would take place on our shores, however by the time Leonard Nimoy was was added to the cast, almost all of the action would take place in some unnamed and imagined "Eastern Block" country, and the villains would be locals of that part of the world. And supposedly this change all came about because of the constant pressure which producer Bruce Geller received from the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League.


(...okay, and now, what say we about one of my favorite TV shows from back in the day..."The Fugitive"?


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I saw a bit of "old-time TV" played out on the *American Pickers* program. More than once our heroes wind up having lunch at a SUBWAY shop, and pointedly mention the type of sandwich they're having.



It reminded me of many early day programs that had carefully sponsor "product placed" scenes in them, and even worked the sponsor's "commercial" into the storyline. Saw a lot of that on the old *Burns and Allen* show. Even in the '60's, many shows were chiefly sponsored by auto companies, and everyone in the town the show took place in drove cars made by that corporation.



As for *The Fugitive* , I tried to never miss an episode. It made me a long time DAVID JANSEN fan.



I'm neither afraid nor ashamed to admit that over the years I watched WAY too much TV. The tube, my radio and "phonograph" for many years were my closest and most loyal friends. They never demanded much, nor did they ever turn on me. Can't say that about many of the people I've had as "friends" over the years. And it was all that "tube watching" that got me interested in "classic" movies in the first place!



How many remember the shows *One Step Beyond* , *The Millionaire* , and *You Asked For It* ?






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My top 5 classic TV shows (not in order after number 1):


1. The Twilight Zone



2. I Love Lucy

3. The Honeymooners

4. Burns and Allen (for Gracie Allen; love her lines and love her delivery)

5. All in the Family (I got stuck on '5', so it's this show for today)


(There are so many other good ones, though... The Fugitive, Dragnet...)

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Some repetition with other posters . . . in no particular order:






"Twilight Zone"



"Star Trek" (the original)



"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"



"One Step Beyond"



"Night Gallery"



"The Invaders"



"Land of the Giants"



(there was a time travel show in the '60s, but I can't remember the title)






When I got a little older:



"The Waltons"



"Roots" (the series)












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i think that the ones that i miss the most are the ones that didn't last very long and because they were so short lived, they are never re-run. when i was a wee lad, i used to enjoy the (probably) biggest failures on the tube. mr. terrific, captain nice, and it's about time (a truly weird one in which astronauts go back to the stone age, and when that failed to ignite the ratings, the creators sent the stone age crew back to the present with the astronauts)...



i'm pretty sure that these shows weren't all that great but i'd like to see them again, just to find out how bad my taste was when i was a kid. and does anyone remember 'my mother the car'?



i apologize if this post is off topic, as none of these qualify as classic tv shows.



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How about the mostly forgotten TV shows.


"Bat Materson" (1958-1961) with Gene Berry.



"Mr Lucky" (1959-1960) with John Vivyan and Ross Martin.



"Hawaiian Eye" (1959-1963) with Anthony Eisley and Robert Conrad



"77 Sunset Strip" (1958-1964) with Stu Bailey and Jeff Spencer.



"The F.B.I" (in color :^0 ) (1965-1974) with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.


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Sepia, I always loved the Fugitive TV series. And I still think science hasn't come up with a machine that can measure the quickness of Janssen's quirky smile before it immediately becomes a frown again.


I'd really like to get this DVD set containing all the episodes:




And who could ever forget William Conrad's great narration?

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> {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote}How about the mostly forgotten TV shows.




> "Bat Materson" (1958-1961) with Gene Berry.

> GeneBarry.jpg




> "The F.B.I" (in color :^0 ) (1965-1974) with Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

> Efrem-Zimbalist-Jr-FBI.jpg

Ham, I don't think Bat Masterson or The FBI shows are forgotten. TV Land or something ran a whole lot of BM episodes. And the first season of The FBI is available from WarnerArchive.


I always liked that strong opening..."The FBI...a Quinn Martin-Warner Bros Production... Color...starring Efram Zimbalilist, Jr." Great theme music, too.




Remember 77 Sunset Strip's "snappy" theme song:




There is (or was) a marker at the place where the series was set (you can see the building in the opening credits). In actual fact, the address was 8524 Sunset.



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Here's a video with 30 almost forgotten series' openings




Cain's Hundred was always a series I wanted to see.


I do remember East Side/West Side very well. In the Seventies or Eighties, some network ran all the episodes. George C. Scott, Cicely Tyson, and Elizabeth Wilson as social workers.

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"Airwolf" 1984 - 86

Jan Michael Vincent

Ernest Borgnine


" I,m Dickens, He's Finster " 1962-63

Marty Ingels

John Astin


"Hotel deParee" 1959-60

Earl Holliman

Strother Martin


"Baa Baa Black Sheep" 1976-78

Robert Conrad

Dirk Blocker

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Now, 'Have Gun-Will Travel' - that was an anti-hero I could really appreciate. Richard Boone was fascinating to me.



I saw him in something with Joanne Dru a couple of months ago in which she talks about being so in love with him she shook when he was around. Now, I'll go along with a gag as quick as the next girl, but I laughed out loud at that. Not that he wasn't an attractive man, sort of, but the idea of going all wobbly when he was in the room just ruined me.


By the way, he was big stuff around here in Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he had a saloon for a while until it burned down or something. A rowdy establishment, from all reports. I heard him talked about fondly at a gathering where there were a lot of real estate agents who had been friends of his. I guess he was in the business for a while here.

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