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Movie Length 2012 (Running time)


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Article in "Daily Beast" wondering "Why Are 2012's Holiday Movies So Damn Long?":




Authour of article compares current movies with some historical running times, and also reasons why films were shorter in length in past, etc...


Personally, I don't see what the problem is? How is it a bad thing that films are longer in length??


But I'm sure there are good reasons why Hollywood studios are allowing it?

Maybe they want to charge more for DVDs and Blu-rays because movie is longer??

Maybe helps with Oscar hype ("Rolling Stone" film critic thinks that is big reason?)??

Maybe allows charging more for TV commercials when film eventually makes it to TV (except for TCM)??

Who knows??


Question: If you fall asleep during a film because it's too long, do you get a refund? ;)







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> {quote:title=Hibi wrote:}{quote}It's bad if you're sitting there bored during the slow parts. I say bring back intermissions!


I haven't been to a film in a theatre for so long I forgot all about intermissions...

But I remember them...


U still go to theatres to see films?



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There was a similar article in one of the New York City papers last week. It use to that theater owners would raise hell over a long film because they couldn't show it as many times a day, but that's changed a lot since the advent of multi-screen theaters and a film can be run on several screens. It's even easier now that everything is going digital since there's no need for a seperate 35mm print for each one anymore.


Here in this area the largest multiplex is 17 screens (soon to be 19) and when a big summer blockbuster opens it's not uncommon to see it running on five or six screens with shows starting every half-hour.


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>Personally, I don't see what the problem is? How is it a bad thing that films are longer in length??


B-cause, if they are very long, now days they run the first half hour or more before we find out what the film is about. Also, if they are no good, we are stuck in a theater for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, after paying a $15 ticket, and we've got to sit through a turkey, many turkeys, to feel that we got our money's worth.


Movies are supposed to be fun, not an ordeal.


In the old days, we had 3 1/2 hour movie programs. A double feature (two short films), a cartoon (very funny ones), a newsreel or a short, and coming attractions trailers. The same length of a movie evening, for 65 cents, and if one of the double feature is a turkey, we only had to sit through an hour or so of it. The features were usually very different, for the whole family, and there was almost never two bad ones, and in fact, there was usually two good ones.


But, hey, other things have changed too. In the old days, if a criminal gang developed, the FBI came in with tommy guns to put it out of business. No dope in schools, no meth freaks, only one or two serial killers a year (now we have about 2 dozen active all the time). No mass murders. Guns held only 6 bullets, there were no 50-shot magazines on assault rifles for crazy people to shoot up schools with.

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