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No Book for These Stars?


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Famous name? Writers (and publishers) want to cash in. Look at all the books on Marilyn Monroe, for instance. There are quite a few on Paulette Goddard, too. She actually lived a very interesting life.


Some stars have short little autobiographies they pieced together in their final years (often with the help of relatives or ghost writers).


But for some stars, there is nothing. No memoirs. No official biography.



Can you believe that there is no book written about Alexis Smith or her career? I think she deserves one!



Michael Rennie has had nothing written about him, and he was a very popular performer in England and the U.S. for many years. If someone can take the time to pen a volume about Marie Dressler, and a volume about Lloyd Nolan, then they can jot something down about Mr. Rennie.



My favorite gal Ruth Roman has no book.



Neither does Virginia Weidler.

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Although there is no official bio on Michael Rennie, he is mentioned on books about The 1966 Batman TV show since he played the Sandman.


According to Joel Eisner's Official Batman Book, the part was originally to be played by Robert Morely. Things didn't work out, the script was rewritten, and Michael Rennie got the part. The episode writer thought his performance was kind of stiff.

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Have you ever thought of subscribing to a film magazine with a historical slant? A fellow Cinefile has turned me onto "Classic Images" and "Films of the Golden Age" magazines, both much more interesting than any one book that focuses on one "star".


CI, a thick newsprint fold over "paper" has a little more of a collectors bent and contains articles on recent film festivals with stories of particular stars. I just finished fantastic in-depth articles on Gilbert Roland and Vera Ellen for example. The obituary section in the back is amazing, they don't miss anyone involved in film.


FOTGA is a standard magazine format that has articles on specific films as well as stars. Recently there was a great story on the making of "My Favorite Wife" for example. Again, in-depth and fascinating with tidbits on the director, conflicts, editing and making the finished product.


Virginia Weidler & Michael Rennie would never be ignored in either of these two magazines, in fact, you'll find back issues featuring them as well as other favorite but lesser known charactor actors.


Classic Images ( classicimages.com)



Films Of The Golden Age (filmsofthegoldenage.com)


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> {quote:title=TikiSoo wrote:}{quote} A fellow Cinefile has turned me onto "Classic Images" and "Films of the Golden Age" magazines, both much more interesting than any one book that focuses on one "star".


Even though Classic Images has been around for 50 years, I'm always amazed how many film buffs haven't heard of it. Your cinephile friend did you a big favor by introducing them to you.


Incidently, people who have never been a subscriber to Classic Images before can get a free sample copy just by asking. No obligation and they don't start a subscription for you, that you need to cancel if you don't want it, like many publications do. They know that most of the time when you've read a full issue you'll want more.

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Classic Images recently had a wonderful long detailed story on Irene Dunne-an interview about her entire career. It was most insightful to hear in her own words her experiences making movies, performing, getting along with fellow actors....it gave me a whole new appreciation for her as a professional & a career woman.


Just read a long article on Gilbert Roland's career too, so when he came on the screen Christmas Day, I had a new appreciation for him, too.


I can't recommend these publications more. And yes, the friend that introduced me to these magazines is a "film angel"!

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