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OT: Funny Christmas Story


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As this really did happen in the latter 1970's, the kid in question is now probably 40 years old, or at least pushing it.



At the time, I had a sister-in-law that taught Sunday school at her Luthern church. That year, like this one, Christmas was on a Tuesday. Knowing the kids would be too "juiced up" so close to the holiday for any bible lesson, she decided to pass out blank paper and brought out a bucket of crayons and told the kids to draw a picture about Christmas.



When they were done, she sat down and went over all the pictures with each of the kids. There were plenty of drawings of Christmas trees, and even though it was Sunday school, several pictures of Santa Claus were offered. And, of course, several tried their hand at drawing the Nativity.



While going over one of them, she critiqued the efforts. On one of the drawings, the scene went like this:



Her: This is a nice drawing. Let's see...Here's Joseph and Mary...



Little boy: That's right!



Her: And these are the Three Wise Men?



LB: Right!



Her: These two are...?



LB: Those are SHEPPARDS.



Her: Oh, I see. And this must be the Baby Jesus.



LB: Uh-huh.



Her: Well, this looks really nice. But what's this you have up HERE? It looks like a GORILLA floating in mid air?



LB: (looking at her like she's crazy) THAT'S no GORILLA! That's MARK, the HAIRY ANGEL!



This all happened that long ago, and STILL cracks me up!



Merry Christmas, all.






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Ha, I love that!


The first real laugh I've had in week. Thank you, it's been hard to feel any holiday cheer since Friday. Even if it was a bit bittersweet...thinking of how funny and matter-of-fact little kids can be.


Merry Christmas & Peace on Earth to one and all!

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I've read a kid's version of The Lord's Prayer, with things like that in it. Sorry, I don't remember it.


My funny Christmas story -

My dad was from a big family, he had 8 brothers and sisters. So, when my mom would have Christmas dinner for the family, there could be more than 30 people. Her mother, my Grandmother, would help her cook for it. One year, my Grandmother made the mashed potatoes, and everyone commented on how amazingly good they were. It turned out that she had accidentally used eggnog, instead of milk, when she made them. My mom joked that she must have had too much eggnog, and that's why she made the mistake. Next year, I asked mom if she would use eggnog again, but she wouldn't answer! I was about 8 or 9.

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> {quote:title=ValentineXavier wrote:}{quote}

> I've read a kid's version of The Lord's Prayer, with things like that in it.


They are called Mondegreens.


Common ones are:

Gladly, the cross-eyed bear

I led the pigeons to the flag

'Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy


I like very much reading your funny Christmas stories. I am sorry to say that I have none of my own to share.

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No problem, Marlowe.



Sorry, but I'm not THAT Sepiatone. I'm known as "Whitefang" on other forum sites, but while registering here, was informed by the site that "Whitefang" was already in use.



But I've yet to see a post by that OTHER Whitefang! What the HELL?



Anyway, welcome to this forum. Hope to hear a lot from you.



Sepiatone(the remake)



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Okay. Just thought I'd check. And, thanks for the gracious welcome.


Should've signed on here years ago, but was always too busy with other stuff. However, things have slowed up a bit, (this is a "good" thing) so I'm hoping to stick around for a little while.


Thanks again—and Merry Christmas!

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