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Need Help Finding Movie!!! PLEASE!!!


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I saw a movie on TCM about a couple of months ago and I am trying to find out what the name of it is.

Here are all the details I know about it:


*1. It is a black and white film*


*2. It was a silent film (showed on "Silent Sundays")*


*3. The name looked something like "L'Atlantic or L'Atlantis or L'---------".*


*4. Plot, from what I remember: A fisherman or sailor lives on a ship with his crew and he marries a woman. She now lives on the ship with him. The name of his ship was the title of the movie as well. The Husband's first mate is an older crazy sailor who keeps all his souvenirs from all his journeys in his cabin on the boat, like a large chinese fan, posters, a large knife from Africa, masks ect. He is showing his item to the captains wife and the captain comes in and gets jealous and trashes everything in his first mates room.*

*The next day the husband says that he will take the wife for a night out in Paris when they are docked there, but their plans get canceled because they have to wait for the first mate to return to watch the boat. But the first mate gets drunk and comes back too late for them to go out. The wife gets mad and decides to go out on her own. She goes sight-seeing and shopping for a long time and when she finally comes back to the boat, it is gone. The husband thought that she had left him for good, so he just leaves.*

*The husband becomes a miserable wreck and isn't doing his work at all. So his first mate goes out and looks for the captains wife to bring her back so that the captain will be happy again. It takes days but he finally does find her in an arcade of some sort where she is listening to a jukebox. She is playing the sea shanty that her and her husbands crew were always singing while they were working on the ship. The first mate finds her and throws her over his shoulder to take her back to her husband on the ship. They are reunited and thats the end.*




I REALLY loved that movie and have been searching everywhere for it. So if you could please let me know if you remember it, I would very much appreciate it! Thank You!

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*YES!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU EVERYBODY! It is **L'Atalante! :^0*

*How did you find it? I've been looking everywhere and had had no luck. Oh well, I'm very glad you did! Thank you again!* :x :x :x


*Also, I honestly don't remember their being any talking, in english or french. Just the subtitles.... my memory is going out the window hahaha.*


*P.s. Sorry I took so long to respond, my laptop has been down. *

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