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Restoration of sound discs to WHY BE GOOD? (1929)


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Looks like there is at least audio restoration going on for Coleen Moore's 1929 silent film WHY BE GOOD. Perhaps this might means that a complete restoration could happen yet!




The musical accompaniment sound rather lively, including some pop tunes of the day, like "I'm Thirsty For Kisses And Hungry For Love", "That's Her Now" "Here Comes My Ball And Chain", and "Sweet Georgia Brown".

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It is a fun score, full of familiar tunes for fans of 1920's music (of course, 1929 audiences would have known the tunes as mostly current popular hits of the day)..

As usual, there are several selections from stock, "library" or "photoplay" sources (by such composers as Berg, Riesenfeld, Nevin, Lowitz, Zamecnik, Bergunker, Marquardt, Becce, and William Axt), but most of it consists of popular tunes.

And the score is played by many of the top session musicians available.


Included among the popular tunes in the movie's music score (in order of appearance):

I'm Thirsty for Kisses, Hungry for Love (Davis & Coots) - played 17 times.

Blazin' (Sanders)

Freshman Hop (Doerring)

Here Comes My Ball and Chain (Davis & Coots)

Who Wouldn't Be Jealous of You (Shay & Gillespie)

Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Pinkard & Casey)

That's Her Now (Ager & Yellen)

If You Want the Rainbow You Must Have the Rain (Rose & Dixon)

He's Tall, Dark and Handsome (Tobias & Sherman) - played 7 times.

Give Your Little Baby Lots of Lovin' (Burke & Morse)

My Angeline (Wayne & Gilbert)

My Supressed Desire (Miller)

Tiger Rag (Dixieland Jazz Band)

Doin' the Racoon (Klages & Coots)

Changes (Donaldson)

I Faw Down and Go Boom (Brockman, Stevens)

Love Tale of Alsace Lorraine (Davis & Coots) - played 2 times.

Honey (Simons, Gillespie, Whiting)

Goodbye Broadway, Hello Montreal (Rose, Dixon, Warren)

It Goes Like This (That Funny Melody) (Friend & Caesar)

Sweet Adeline (Armstrong)

Bon Vivant (Zamecnik)

In the Hall of the Mountain King (Grieg, arranged by Spencer)

Baby Face (Davis & Akst)

Flapperette (Greer)

Le Chant Des Boulevards (Zamecnik) - played 2 times.

Moon Madness (Henry Lodge)

Crazy Rhythm (Caesar, Meyer, Kahn) - played 2 times.

Oh, You Have No Idea! (Dougherty, Ponce)

High Up On a Hill-Top (Baer & Campbell)

When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo (Coslow, Spier, Fain)

Don't Be Like That (Gottler & Tobias)


I guess you could say "Thirsty for Kisses..." was the theme song!



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> {quote:title=Scottman wrote:

> }{quote}Looks like there is at least audio restoration going on for Coleen Moore's 1929 silent film WHY BE GOOD. Perhaps this might means that a complete restoration could happen yet!





Interesting video! Wish I had a set-up like that to play & record my Vitaphone discs and other 16-inch records.


The guy in the video seems to know his stuff, so I was surprised that at the 5:00 point it sounded like he mentioned "noise of the disc" - couldn't he tell that was applause in the scene in the movie?!

Early scenes feature Colleen (as "Pert Kelly") doing some hot and intricate dancing at a dance hall and later at a roadhouse and people are cheering and applauding (among them Louis Natheaux and later Neil Hamilton...who will become her leading man in the story). That's the "noise" - applause on the soundtrack of the movie!

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Scottman, Musicalnovelty,


Wow, thanks so much for this. The video has a very misleading title. He is restoring the audio, not dubbing anything. Unless the film has already been transferred? Which to my knowledge it has not. But I hope it means that it could get the get go soon in the coming year. In any event, I am very encouraged by this development, although we knew that they were working to restore the sound discs. I agree that I don't hear anything but the cheering when he says it is disc noise?


And then we have the mysterious Colleen Moore "Time Traveler Photo!" Taken in 1924 during the production of *SO BIG.* While it is likely a Pocket Mirror or a Compact of some sort, it looks allot more like a Droid, Black Berry, or small GPS device in Colleen's hand. I mean Did Colleen ever meet up with Niklo Tesla? Who probably invented both of these Technologies aqnd numerous others as long ago as 1905 or earlier. Suppressed by the Government for over 80 years. Makes one wonder.






*"Time Traveling Colleen?"*

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Yes, that was quite an audio set up, wouldn't mind something like that myself! I have a couple of 16" Vitaphone type discs in my collection (unknown titles), but they are music and effects for two different independent productions. All I have been able to determine is that aplh Like was the sound engineer for these sides, but an IMDB search revealed nothing. The Vitaphone project people were unable to shed any light on them either. Who knows, maybe info will turn up in a unlikely place.

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Yes, It's really and truly happening! Ron Hutchinson broke the official news on Nitrateville yesterday! I'm not sure where these leaves *HER WILD OAT (1926)?* The Vita-phone project wouldn't have anything to do with that.. *LILAC TIME* though is another story. But *HER WILD OAT* was already fully restored in 2006. *LILAC TIME* is a given. The problem is the missign audio discs for three reels, And the the missing reels in general. Only 8 of the originally 11 reels are known to still exist as far as I know. In addition the Nethelands Eye Institute of film in Amsterdam Holland has elements on both *NAUGHTY BUT NICE,* and *OH, KAY!* The problemj is funding,, and I'm not really sure what this Archive has?






*"Ron Hutchinson of The Vitaphone Project here.*


*Our "lost" film news continues (after the discover of HELLO POP last month) with an announcement I am finally able to make! Colleen Moore's final silent, WHY BE GOOD? (FN/'29) was long believed to be lost. About 10 years ago while introducing one of my Vitaphone shows at NYC's Film Forum, I mentioned I had just acquired the Vitaphone disks (music and effects) for this feature but, sadly, the film was lost. Film historian Joe Yranski was sitting in the front row and yelled out "No it's not! I know where it is!". The crowd cheered, and so began a decades-long effort to get the film back to American and restored. I'm happy to report that in a joint effort by Ned Price and Warner Brothers, the Bologna Archive in Italy, Joe Yranski (who knew Colleen Moore) and The Vitaphone Project, this film is now being restored. This is an ultra art deco film, with a super jazzy music and sound effects track with such greats as Jimmy Dorsey, Phil Napoleon, and Joe Venuti and Eddie Lang. It even has Jean Harlow as a dress extra! Truly the ultimate silent experience with something for everyone. Ned made all the arrangements to get the lone surviving 35mm nitrate print from Italy and disk transfers have already been completed.*


*This has been a long and difficult process, and knowing what went into getting to this point, I sure hope we don't hear any clueless "it's about time" comments! WB is thrilled to fund BOTH of these restorations.*


*The print of Moore's next to last silent with Vitaphone track, SYNTHETIC SIN (also thought lost) is also being repatriated now and restored.*


*So on the heels pf finding HELLO POP, some more MGM Colortones I'll soon announce, and the restoration-in-progress of over 50 1926-30 Vitaphone shorts, 2013 is sure shaping up as a banner year for film discoveries and restorations!"*





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Five new and charming stills with Colleen Moore and Neil Hamilton from *WHY BE GOOD?*






*"Lucky Me Dance!"*
















*"My Fella And I"*


























































*"You Take The Prize!"*


















*"Love Hug"*



















*"Joyous Arms!"*

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