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I love westerns! There are some really good ones out there...and some not so good ones. But I'd have to say that my personal favorites would have to be "Seven Way's from Sundown" with Audie Murphy, "Winchester 73'" with James Stewart, "High Noon" with Gary Cooper and probably "Broken Arrow" with James Stewart and Jeff Chandler.

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I do not care for westerns as a rule. However there is one new western I LOVE because all the men are so handsome in it - Tombstone. I love the whole story actually. When I think of westerns, I think of two men dueling in the street or 1950's women wearing pants and lots of make-up pretending to be tomboy cowgals. I will try one though, if someone can suggest a good one with a good story behind it ( maybe a romantic western if there is such a thing? ) Maybe I can get out of this rut I am in about them.

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I have seen many westerns over the years.My favorites are the B WESTERNS. One new one I recommend is OPEN RANGE with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall. There is a slight romantic angle here,but the main story line concerns the passing of the old west into history.

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I have a tendency to catagorize things. I love westerns but there are so many different types of westerns. Almost as though there are genres within the genre.

Even when dealing with the same story like "My Darling Clementine" as opposed to "Tombstone" you see a completely different style of telling the same story. What makes a western a western?

Jerimiah Johnson is a western even though its not tumble weeds and wagon wheels. Even within an actors career signified by westerns you find completly different styles of westerns.

Clint Eastwood in the spaghetti westerns turns into "High Plains Drifter" turns into "Pale Rider." All three are basically the same no-name western anti hero but the fact that the movies were made in such different styles who can say which is best?

That said some of my favorites are Tombstone,Unforgiven, Two Mules for Sister Sara, The Magnificent Seven,Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, The Professionals I also love McClintock and High Noon,North to ALaska, The Searchers,She Wore A Yellow Ribbon, El Dorado,Rio Bravo,Winchester '73 and Angel and the Badman

Gosh, my list could go on and on but you see how very different all these movies are. =)


It would be impossible for me to list a top ten much less a favorite western.

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there are so many westerns but the one's that are ON THE BRAIN TONITE i will post wink!

True grit




Have gun will travel


three godfathers

the searchers

the alamo

high noon

magnificent seven

will penny

she wore a yellow ribbon

the searchers

rooster colburn

the sons of katie elder

North to alaska i think is a western love this movie!!!!

plus many others i can't think of right now maybe later i can post whatever comes to mind... lolite.

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A few westerns that I enjoyed were:


"Yellow Sky" with Gregory Peck

"Rawhide" with Susan Hayward & Tyrone Power

"Destry Rides Again" with James Stewart

"The Secret of Convict Lake" with Glenn Ford

"Red River" with John Wayne

"Along the Great Divide" with Kirk Douglas

"Shane" with Alan Ladd (one of the best)

Among many others.



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