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TCM Remebers


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I see no one ever mentions TCM Remebers productions. This months end of year remberance is probably one of the best productions I have seen. The music and the drive-in theater theme was fanastic. What a creative production staff TCM employees to do these productions. I wish they would post them at the times they will be aired so I can show my friends and family.

The photography, setting, music and editing were all just fabulous. It really brings tears to my eyes whenever I watch it along with the great stars and production professionals that we have lost this past year. It also is such a great tribute to those people we have lost each month and all through the years.

Thank you TCM for remembering those great people and giving them the respect they diserve.

Gary Gregg

TCM Faithful Viewer

Liftime Thespian

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Welcome to the boards and Happy New Year!


Actually there are several threads existing and a few more that discuss this year's rememberance. Check out the following:










As you can see from these there are several responses for each thread. If you look around on Hot Topics and General Discussions you will find other threads that are about recent deaths, like Jack Klugman and Charles Durning and just a few days ago, Dobie Carey. So look around and you will find a few threads talking not only about this year's rememberance but also why some creative folks were left off of this year's video.


You can use the search feature to find individuals or topics.

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I enjoyed the metaphors + imagery on this year's TCM Remembers and was very pleased that TCM posted it on their channel on Youtube.


* However, I'm surprised perplexed* that they have now changed the status of the video to "private" so* *it can no longer be viewed+* *by people using Youtube. Why is that? :0 ?:|


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Edited by: chameleon on Jan 4, 2013 12:41 PM

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