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Bogdanovich's Best/favs!


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Since sometime director-(man, his 1971 "Last Picture Show" was & is superb though) & he's currently acting on tv's "The Sopranos" However, he knew quite a few Cinematic GIANTS-(*Welles, Hawks, Hitch & *Ford) The latter & he did a very well-known docu. Peter Bogdanovich-(1939-) did on "The Master" & in Monument Valley!

& It's too-long to go into right now. There is 1 of the saddest stories in relation to a latter in life *Orson Welles & his butchered, but still brilliant "Ambersons"-(maybe Peter will tell it?)


But, I thought I would cite his top ten favorite movies as well. Given he's now a virtual regular-(as is OSCAR winning director: *Sydney Polack-(1934-) & TCM's "The Essentials"


Bogdanovich's top 10:

(In chronilogical order) (*-denotes AMPAS winner)

"Young, Mr. Lincoln" (1939 justifiably dubbed Hollywoods greatest year!) (Fox)

"0nly Angels Have Wings" (1939) (Col.)

"The Magnificent AmbersonS" (1942) (RKO)

"Red River" (1948) (UA)

"She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (1949) (RKO)

"The Quiet Man" (1952) (Republic)

"The Searchers" (19566) (WB)

"Touch of Evil" ('58) (U-I)

"Vertigo" (1958) (Paramount)

& "Noth by Northwest" (1959) (M-G-M)


I don't have info on his fav. actor/actress, but I suspect given his fav. pix:

Cary Grant-(1904-86) & *Bogey fugure very high



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