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Well, I have a foot on both sides of the issue at hand -- I think Holly has contributed some good posts, but at the same time, I've wondered if she might have too much time on her hands.


When anyone posts an average of 14 times a day on these boards, showing up just about everywhere you click, it's pretty hard to ignore. But having been in Holly's shoes at the same time in life, I can also understand her enthusiasm. In my late teens, I loved old movies so much, I scared some people to death!


After reading your posts, Holly (if I may address you personally), I can sense that not only do you love old movies, but you also love to write. And you can find outlets for both those loves on these message boards.


Speaking from a writer's viewpoint, you should write as much as you can. But as a writer, you need to put down the writing instrument every once in a while and refresh yourself by reading good writing. That's how you get good at it -- alternating those periods of writing and refreshing. And in this case, you should also be educating yourself by watching more old movies (that shouldn't be too difficult!).


When I discovered the TCM website four years ago, I spent about three or four weeks just reading everybody else's posts, feeling out the currents. I wanted to make a unique contribution to the boards, so I paid attention to what they were saying, but more importantly to what wasn't being said. Then I chose a catchy but appropriate username, started posting, and . . . well, I'll let my work speak for itself.


I don't want to chase you off the lawn, but I don't want you tearing it up, either. Enthusiasm can be like live steam -- suddenly released, it can do great damage. But contained within the right channels, it can do wonderful work. You've picked a good place to let off steam here, but just a little at a time -- otherwise, you might hurt somebody.


I'd also liken the experience to playing jazz. You have to learn the standards and how to blend in with other people before you introduce your own variations. That way, the conversation flows, and everybody involved plays better.


In any conversation, it's just as important to listen as to speak -- perhaps more so. I've spent a lot of time listening here; you might have noticed I don't post as frequently as others who have been here as long as I have. I probably fret over my posts more than anybody else does, due to my writing and editing background, and I listen carefully to what other people are saying. I don't always take their advice, but at least I listen to them. Go and do likewise.

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I didn't mean to say we were all being grumpy towards Hollyholt, I used "we" for some of us including myself and I don't like to point out anyone particular. It was my way to include me in the "grumpy people", because , well, I was getting a teensy bit winded myself but I would never say anything because I like her posts and inquisitiveness in general. : )Hey , as a newbie myself she made me feel knowledgable even! That's something in itself! Once again, come back Hollyholt...

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Dan, what an excellent post! One each (and every one) of us should read. I too find myself, at times, in an overly enthusiastic "state" and perhaps post sometimes when I shouldn't. I hate having my time wasted and therefore I hate wasting anyone else's time. And to keep from doing that, I'll end this post here. I just wanted to thank you for such a thoughtful, well thought out and balanced post on the subject ... one I hope is taken to heart by others as well. In fact, I nominate what you wrote for the TCM message board FAQ. Great work, thanks again!

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Well Dan, thanks for putting the issue so succintly. When I first started posting here I started a few threads that had already been covered. I was soon told that there were existing threads for these topics. However, being a good deal older (if NOT more mature) I didn't take offense. It's good that holly is back and I hope she takes Dan's advice to heart. I'll bet she CAN come up with good new topics once she sees what's already here.:)Dan it's a same your post here can't be make "sticky" and permanently posted with the heading "New Members Please read." TCM programmer. What can you do abouyt that? Thanks again Dan and WB Holly.

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Kudos to Dan for putting everything into perspective! I know in in my particular case I get wrapped up in list topics like The Top 10 of something or another. I think the Ask Mongo feature is a great start for newer members that have questions to ask. Also, people take alot of stock in was is written on the first page but if they skimmed through the other pages I'm sure they could find a lot of great old topics and maybe an answer to some of their question.

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Holly - When I first found this board I was in heaven. Everyone seemed so knowledgeable in the classics I didn't want to post right away. So one of the first things I did was read all the old posts. If one interested me I'd reply and bring to the front. More often than not it rekindled a bunch of interest. I also found out I gave these guys to much credit in the knowledge department - lol - just kidding. I have learned so much here over the years - Thanks everyone.

Keep posting to your hearts content - just take the time to read all the old posts - there are treasures there. You won't be disappointed.

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relative though, I see no problem with anyone posting 25 times a day or more, if they post topics of interest to fans of TCM.


Just as having an all day marathon of films by Billy Wilder is not necessarily a bad thing, and there are no rules as to how many times a day Holly or anyone can post, then this comes down to personal preference.


Why, I'm sure I've posted many more times a day than some find acceptable, but...I can't see that this prevents anyone else from speaking. It's not like this is a table with only so many chairs to sit on, and that one is hogging anything.


Following rules of conduct which are posted, is not arbitrary so one should be obedient, but following rules which are ephemeral and shifting, should be left to each person's judgment, and let the chips fall where they may. If a person's posts are not of interest to anyone, then they will fall naturally to the bottom of the pile by their own volition.


Just my three cents worth, and I hope Holly returns to the fold.

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The path of the righteous man.

pardon me for my little outburst. Some of you people REALLY suck. I usually sit back

and read and rarely post but some of you selfrightious

individuals need a lesson in humility.

It's pretty simple. Don't read her posts if you find

them a little young for your taste.

This is not a place to be mean.

Love, Eddie

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I had a great weekend by the way.


Your post made me laugh.


I see no difference in how I would talk to a movie fan of fourteen years of age, or Peter Bogdanovich. I put both on the same level, and treat neither one with kid gloves or with a Brillo soap pad, depending on their age or importance. They're both equal to me as movie fans, no matter how they might look to someone else.


At one time, a person like Peter Bogdanovich was a fourteen year old fan, and if he had been treated as if he should not speak because he was new to the game, then he would not have become the person he is today and probably would not be a fan of classic films. I can just see it now...Peter is talking about films as a young boy, and some old codger says to him "You know, it might be better if you keep silent, since we only talk about silent films in this group that were made by Abel Gance and not that Hawks fellow."


I grew up around people who had seen films since silent days, knew all the old movies and did not make fun of me, if I asked who an actor was...and it turned out to be someone as world famous as Errol Flynn. Their knowledge was welcoming, and not used as intimidation or to imply that they be revered as movie experts.


Barring discriminating against anyone who is insulting or on a vendetta, which might show some discernment, I think if anyone is a movie fan of classic films, then they would hope that the love of these films perpetuate, and how can that happen, if anyone younger who shows an interest, is told to not speak unless spoken to, or given the idea that their thoughts are tired and have already been stated by someone else. As if that isn't true of most comments on film anyway....


Every film no matter how old, is new to someone. I find it interesting to get a completely honest take on some old film, that has a cachet among the intelligentsia, but perhaps does not entertain a new viewer. I would never try to convince someone that any particular film is worthwhile, for they will come to that of their own accord. For the above reasons, whether it be Holly Holt or anyone else who shows interest, I say...let them speak their minds, and stop trying to create movie clones who all walk alike and talk alike, like Cathy and Patty from the Patty Duke Show.

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