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Marlon Brando on TCM


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I think Marlon Brando was the most versatile actor.

He was never afraid to try different types of charactors and he had the broadest range of any other actor - he played a paralyzed man (The Men), a Mexican Revolutionary (Viva Zapata), German military soldier (Young Lions), starred in a musical (Guys and Dolls), played Shakespeare role (Marc Antony in Julius Caesar), Japanese role (Teahouse of the August Moon), motorcyle rider (Wild One), Southern Army officer (Sayonara), boxer (On The Waterfront), brute (the sexy Stanley Kowalski on Streetcar Named Desire) and western (One Eyed Jacks)to name just a few.


I'm suprised TCM doesn't have a Marlon Brando movie marathon or feature him as "Star of the Month". They are not even showing any of his films in the month of May on TCM. This was the greatest acting legend of all time and I'd love to see more of his movies played on TCM. His acting was riveting and he was the most gorgeous male species I've ever seen in the movies.


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*Marlon Brando-(1924-2004) has been"STOM"

I'd have to look up my past issues of "Now Playing"-(saved about 55 td) However I am positive he was voted it-(if thats the way you guys do-it at TCM?


To tcmprogrammer, please let me/us know just how they do select "Stars of the Month?" I took it for granted it was voted on in some fashion


He was "S.T.O.M." before he died last summer though-(July 2nd to be exact)


I personally, ranked *Marlon "The Worlds Greatest Living Actor!" Now, I'd have to say: *Hopkins, *Duvall & possible *R. Crowe-(this guy seems to be able to virtually achieve anythng!)


Thank You

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I don't recall what year Marlon Brando was "Star of the Month" - but TCM should consider featuring him again or in a Brando "Marathon" movie day. When he passed away last July, TCM only played a few of him movies from 8:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Most people aren't even awake during part of those movies. Marlon Brando was the greatest actor - nobody compares to his movies from the 1950's and early 1960's. Watch "Streetcar Named Desire" and "On The Waterfront" - these performances were electrifying and I can't recall ever seeing such amazing acting in my life. This guy was the best and should be honored as such.

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