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Silent Suggestion for TCM


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Alright, I recently 'discovered' Buster Keaton's work, and well silent movies in general, and I am completly infatuated. My suggestion for TCM is to start a weekly deal where you show a silent movie every say.. sunday or something, I mean, it would be a wonderful thing to raise 'awareness' so to say about Silents, because so many people haven't seen some of the great actors of the time before the talkies so their stuff.. Keaton, Chaplin, Valentino, ect.


So that would be what I would do is make a weekly slot for a silent, such as Silent Sunday night or something where you can play a silent. because I know many people who would love it if you did!


Thats my two cents, forgive me if anything is irrelevant.


M.P., Colorado

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OMG seriously? I am that blind that I didn't see that? wow.. I feel really dumb right now lol. How can I find out which are playing this month and is it every sunday or is it just one sunday of the month? because I have honestly never seen this and I searched pretty well before I posted this, as not to be stupid, which I guess I was anyway... *blush*

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Don't feel stupid! You probably gave a lot of people here a little chuckle, and thats always a good thing these days!


Welcome to the boards hollywoodlifex! This site has a ton of cool features on the homepage. You can learn just about anything regarding the classics here. Have fun!

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