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Classics fan (Marylou) is ill


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Marylou- She has come down with a bad cold fever the works she's prone to pneumonia or bronchitis due to her

"Bad" lungs it can get pretty serious for her quickly...

Lets hope and pray it does not. I thought she might need some cheering up from her friends on this boards. Please

do take a moment out of your day to send a get well,

thinking of you sentiment, it just might make her day!

and might make you feel good down inside as well lolite.

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Thanks for the update lolite, I had sent her an e-mail last week and hadn't heard back. I appreciate knowing her condition. And, of course, please take care of yourself and get well soon Mary Lou. We miss your participation here very much!

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So sorry to hear you are having more health problems yet again Mary Lou! I sincerely hope you enjoy a swift recovery! I have Bi-Polar disorder my self, and my mood has been very up and down of late. In any case, I'll send you a couple DVD-R's to help cheer you up!

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To Mary Lou, this lady has greatly assisted me in the past-(she even helped & compiled many of my ever growing files)

Plus, a few other great things as well-(speaking of fellow TCM-ITES, where are you HOLLY?)


Anyhow, I knew awhile ago, ML was then also having health problems-(something of which, we have in common 100 per cent!)


If you see this ML please do send on an e-mail-(I won't send HTML style again)


Unfortunately, she resides very far from closest medical assistance way up there in MT.


& to path40, once-again T.R.E.M.E.N.D.O.U.S!!! On your TCM visit


Please let me know about newest-latest jazz I sent onto you


& hope ML gets well, again-(matter of fact I wrote this exact type of -(E-MAIL/GET WELL-CARD FOR HER THEN. AS WELL AS THE FOREMENTIONED GRAND GAL: HOLLY!)


Thank You

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Thank you, Loliteblue, for starting this very kind and warm thread for me. I truly appreciate it!


And, my heartfelt Thanks to all of you who have added your well-wishes to me in this thread, too. It has been very nice to read your messages, and helped to raise my spirits a great deal.


Take care!

Mary Lou :)



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Dear ML,

Here I am thinking just the other day of what it must be like for you in the wilds of Montana as Spring creeps in...I was upset to hear that you're under the weather. I hope that you'll be better soon and that you'll keep sharing your humor, insights and knowledge with all of us. Be of good cheer, m'dear!


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And, my Thanks to all of you who have come along since my last visit, too! Very nice to hear from all of you!


I have to tell you that what I have hasn't actually been a "bad cold", although that's what I thought at first. What is going on is that a have a roaring infection that has involved the entire right side of my head and neck at this point, and which originated in the roots of a tooth that has been causing me grief for quite some time and will have to come out soon. I'm taking a very powerful antibiotic now, along with some heavy-duty pain medication, am expecting some relief from this infection very soon.


I'll be posting a bit more again as I continue to start feeling better. I've missed you guys, too!





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