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To tcmprogrammer ,etc Is Pvt. Screenings going to return-(with new shows?)


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I am directing this imperative question to tcmprogrammer-(he seems to reply once in awhile & please do!)


"Private Screenings," is a marvelous show-(as we all know of course)


However, all that is now ever beng aired, or re-aired are the re-peat interviews-(Tony Curtis, *Lemmon & *Matthau,etc)


I personally-(would like others input on this one please!?) Rated the ultimate coupe of finding the seemingly lost-(to the public anyway) Betty Hutton-(1921-) as the A #1 of 'em all!-(back in the early 1980's I read an article about her alledgedly living in the woods, ala "Jeremiah Johnson")


It's not that Hutton was the greatest R. 0sborne & TCM ever had as a guest. It's the finding of her, that made it so special! In other words, you wouldn't see her on Leno or Letterman.


But when are you guys gonna' get a few of the few remaining heavyweights-(or even character players) left from Hollywoods Glorious Golden Age on, again?-(before they are gone as well. 2003 was a record yr. for ever soo-many giants, that are now gone) Another Betty H. would also be wonderful as an example!


& given the annual AFI Lifetime Award, I know full-well, it's now becoming more difficult to honor those that are left from that era-(1stly, they must accept it in person & 2ndly, must have others to speak of them at the ceremony)


"Pvt. Screenings," only has to have the former

I think there was a post on here a few months back on somewhat this very topic-(but, I keep waiting & wondering???)


I know for a fact-(cannot divulge as to why. I gave my word) a couple stars that TCM should really attempt to contact.-(they do ph interviews)

Eli Wallach-(1915-)>(last from "The Misfits"/ Widmark-(1914-)>is questionable?)/ Mickey Rooney-(1920-)>would be happy to come-back!/ *Karl Malden-(1913-)/ Jackie Cooper-(1922-)(P.S. this is 1 I find amazing that he's not been on as yet? Imagine the MGM stories he could & did tell on "M-G-M: When the Lion Roars"/ As did Van Johnson-(1916-)-(he adores talking about his MGM years)/ James Whitmore-(1921-)/ R. Wise-(1914-)/ *Eva Marie Saint-(1924-)/ Lauren Bacall-(1924-)/ Maureen 0'Hara-(1920-)/ *Poitier-(1927-)/ Neil Simon & Blake Edwards are a couple more./ Peter 0'Toole-(1932-)>The Irishman is often interviewed on TCM's in between takes?/ As is Robert (R.J.) Wagner-(1930-) & *Joanne Woodward-(1930-) & givenboth P. Bogdanovich & *Sydney Pollack are already at TCM's studios-("The Essentials") that should be an easy 1? The legendary likes of: Deborah Kerr-(1921-)/ *0olivia de Havilland-(plus sis *Joan Fontaine-(1917-) don't seem to do any interviews? & I just read an article in Vanity Fair's Hollywood special issue, that *Liz Taylor-(1932-) has been quoted a saying "She's Closed the Door"-(an old style phrase for meaning she is finished!?)


There are still a few though. For sme reason nobody barely cites *Ernest Borgnine-(1917-)-(supposed to be the nicest guy in the world) & *Shirley Jones-(1934-) is on the in between takes too! As is Carroll Baker-(1931-) & Jean Simmons-(1929-)!? Another strangely unmentionable is a genuine living-legend: Kirk Douglas-(1916-)


On a lighter note, the "Lollipop Guild' Munchkin: Jerry Marren lives down here in FL.


The ultimate coup would of course be: *Elizabeth Taylor though-(AFI ranked her #7 of actresses) She does still appear for the ACADEMY AWARDS-(she was at the parties afterward anyway. But, you guys would obviously have better-luck with: Mr. Douglas even.-(recently, very outspoken on "Passion of the Christ")


& 1 that I personally write to-(via snail-mail only. He's not online) Arguably the most popular-(among the stars) Hollywood columnist: James Bacon-(1914-)

This interview would be tremendous, trust me sports fans-(for those that don't know of him)

He virtually knew & or met all of that era's heavywgts!!! *Bogey, *Tracy, *Cooper, Marilyn-(great story there!), *Brando-(matter of fact, he was on Larry King the day *Marlon died last summer), Groucho Marx, Lana Turner-(he was among the 1st into the infamous bedroom, where the murder was committed! Thats the kind of juice they gave this fella' Jim was also among the press, that confirmed it truly was Howard Hughes on a speaker phone-(longer story)

& *Kate the Great!-(another long & funny story there)


(FINAL NOTE: To TCM itself. I have addresses of a couple. Particulary, the latter if you'd like-it? Us TCM-ITES would love that "Pvt. Screening" This fellow "Mick," knew a lot more than I listed of course. He started with AP & Sports & then was assigned Tinsel-Town! Matter of fact, I am at present waiting for his book "Hollywood Is a Four Letter Town" Ironically as I log this. He also wrote 1 on Harry Cohn "King Cohn"-(the 1 mogul nobody seemed to like)


Welp, please reply tcm & to you superb cinepiles your input is most wanted/welcome

& I thank you




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I forgot something in relation to path40 & his recent

& marvelously detailed article-(on his site. Don't forget it folks. It's www.classiccinemaguide.com)


However, I neglected to recall a pt. of it where he briefly did speak to R. Osborne on future possible guests on "Pvt. Screenings"-(sorry buddy!)


Problem is, as we all unforunately are well aware of this. TIME IS RUNNING OUT-(Anne Miller's fast demise was a stunner!)


TCM sadly, missed the boat on: Virginia Mayo-(1920-95)-(another that obviously filmed in-between takes at the studio, but was never a guest?)

As well as OSCAR winner: *Teresa Wright-(1918-2005)

& I neglected another-(though he's not from that era (Studio-System) but, he knew a lot from it. 1 of our greatest living actors: *Robert Duvall-(1931-) & *Michael Caine-(1933-) has also been doing speak-over bits-(Cary Grant,etc) & would be perfecto!


(FINAL NOTE: I have a list of all "Pvt. Screenings," guests to date. For any that would be curious?)


Thank You

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I just want to briefly reply. First, this isn't exactly my area (our studio production group is in charge of the Private Screenings), so I'm not sure of all of the reasons for who is interviewed and who isn't. But I do know that many of the people on your list have been contacted and nearly everyone has been considered. (Maybe they hadn't thought about actors like Duvall and Caine, who would be very interesting, and I will send along the suggestions.)



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While I share your feelings about Private Screenings the good news is that TCM and the Turner Archival Project are doing the very work you hope they are.


The Turner Archival Project is dedicated to interviewing on film, the men and women who worked at MGM, RKO and Warner Brothers Studios, in front of the camera, behind the camera, in the offices, delivered the mail, you get my drift. Filmed oral histories, if you will


They have been doing this since the late 1980s as I understand it.


This material is then used on TCM and incorporated in the bonus features of DVDs released by Warner Home Video.


Roger Mayer started this program and is a big film preservation backer. He received the Jean Hersholt award this past February at the Oscarcast.


Why more of this important oral history material is not available to TCM is beyond my limited knowledge of the project.


But, like you, I wish we could see more of it.


Lord knows I would watch it and I suspect many of us would as well.


Lynn in Sherman Oaks


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Thank you to tcmprogrammer & lzcutter-(plus other individual)


At least it kinda' gives an indication that "Pvt. Screenings,' are really not over-(or just repeats)


(P.S. by the way, strangely TCM is missing a fortune of doe-(lierally) by not having these & therefore most of it's documentaries on VHS/DVD?


Many yrs before having the network I started taping docu's on such heavyweights as: *Jimmy Stewart-(a superb 1 & with Johnny Carson at Universal Studios)/ *Ford/ *Wyler/ Marx Bros./ several on *Kate H. & 1 that is now often aired on TCM, but was firstly a 1987 PBS special "The Spencer Tracy: Legacy"-(matter of fact, many of the one's now aired, were originally from other networks. Except of course the superb docu's TCM has had since it's inception in 1994)

& fans are speaking of W.C. I have a great one from 1987 as well on him "W.C. Fields: Straight-Up"


But, hardly any of these are on reg. video,etc?


Thanx again

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I know "W.C. Fields: Straight-Up" has been on video, as I own it, after having taped it years ago from television.


This is the documentary instituted by the grandson of Fields, right? I think his name may have been Ronald, but it's been awhile since I've rewatched it. He gave some interesting perspectives and I much enjoyed the documentary.


Too bad there is not much footage extant of his father, who for my money was the best Fields impersonator of all time. I think he did a few bits in the 1960's on commercials on tv, for various products.


I have seen "Straight Up" on sale over the years, but I don't think I've seen it on dvd, yet.




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Warner Brothrers(of which TCM is a corporate entity) has been releasing tons of documentaries as bonus features on their DVDs - docs on Cukor, Hawks, Minelli, et al and the Hepburn one is on either BRINGING UP BABY or PHIL. STORY dvd.

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