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Oh, that face, that fabulous face II - Post 1950's. Whose is it?

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Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure I probably started typin' Dorothy's name into Kid's thread before you did, BUT it took me 3 rewrites of my addendum where I asked him to make these babies a little harder if he would.


(...and ultimately settled on that whole "TV Guide crossword puzzle" analogy again) ;)

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Twinkeee, I'll just say in my final defense to this issue that I DID mention that it took me three rewrites of that aforementioned addendum of mine to KidDabb, BUT that I ALSO type with ONLY two fingers, and ALSO always triple-check my grammar, syntax AND spelling before hittin' that little "Post Message" button down there.


And so, six minutes isn't out of the realm of possibilites here. ;)


(...but tell ya what...you're right...you won fair and square on the Dorothy McGuire recognition...well, AT LEAST according to the posted time, anyway!) ;)

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hmmm...now would this guy have starred in not one but TWO comedies which featured the threat of nuclear war? ;)


(...yep, Peter Sellers...OR as the old joke went back in the day: "What do they call male prostitutes in England?")

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The top one is my old dearly departed cat Fred who is imagining himself replacing Leo at the beginning of every MGM movie ever made. He was a real character, that one. ;)


(...oh, and the bottom one I believe to be Elvis' old costar, Dolores Hart...NOT that I'm..ahem.."in the habit" of "believing in things", you understand)

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