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Oh, that face, that fabulous face II - Post 1950's. Whose is it?

Kid Dabb

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Yes, Twinks, Gerald Mohr was one very busy actor in the fifties and sixties.

Now, here is another busy character actor from that era. While Gerald Mohr was typecast as villains, this fellow played all sorts of roles. Do you know him?








He later was a regular in a TV sitcom. Do you know which one?

He also had something in common with Sean Connery. Do you know what that was? If you're going to identify his picture, please try to answer the questions too. They're not hard.

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Love that HENRY JONES. You'd see him ALL over the place.


The only sitcom I can link him to was PHYLLIS, the Cloris Leachman spin off from THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW.


I can't think of what he and Connery have in common, unless Jones also beat his wife, or he's Scottish.




Edited by: Sepiatone on Oct 16, 2013 1:00 PM

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In "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade", Sean Connery played a character named Henry Jones. As a matter of fact, in the movie he states that his son is named Henry Jones Jr. Indiana was the name of the family dog.


Now, who is this? He ages a bit in these photos.








He was in a few movies and a whole lot of TV shows, including a stint as a regular on a sitcom.

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:) I just got back after nearly two weeks away and was delighted to see then and now photos of Beverly Washburn who was my favorite female child star during my/our growing up years. Nice to see she turned out so well as i didn't.


I am also a big fan of Richard Masur. When I didn't see him in anything for a while I wondered if he had died. Then came the SAG awards one year and I discovered he was alive, well and the President. He was forgiven.

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Twinks was right with Fran Allison. I was going to add that she worked with two little fellows, but apparently no other clues were needed. Also thanks to Wouldbestar for the comments about Beverly Washburn and Richard Masur. Beverly was one busy child actress in the fifties and early sixties.

Now, who is this young lady?







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I can't fool you, Lavender. I thought that someone would guess Maureen McCormick, but you got it right. Now, here are a pair of sisters who both acted when they were children and into their teen years. Do you know them?










You may need the scroll bar at the bottom of this post.


They both worked in a very popular TV series.


Edited by: MilesArcher on Oct 21, 2013 10:09 AM

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You are on the money, Dargs! James Komack it is.


I recently watched an episode of 'Louie' (season 1 episode 2) and one of the poker players reminded me very much of an older Norman Tinker. That's what made me go looking for a picture to post in this game.


Considering he didn't do a whole lot of acting after 'The Courtship of Eddie's Father', but elected to concentrate on producing instead, I though that this puzzle might be a tad more difficult to solve. Good memory you have!

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I'll alwaays think of Roscoe Karns as Oscar Shapely in "It Happened One Night". Here's a litttle bit of free trivia for you. Roscoe Karns' son Todd was an actor too. Todd played Harry Bailey, Jimmy Stewart's younger brother, in "It's A Wonderful Life".

No guesses on the photos of thw woman that I posted? Perhaps if I included her TV sister with her, you might recognize them. Here they are.







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On the left is Helen Kleeb on the right Mary Jackson. They were The Baldwin sisters on The Waltons. Helen Kleeb was in Seven Days In May, Fitzwilly. Mary Jackson was the original Alice Horton on Days of Our Lives besides many tv roles Mary also appeared in the Jane Fonda movie *Fun with Dick and Jane* . Both are definitely 2 character actresses that have earned that distinction of, I've seen them 100's of times, what are their names ? :)

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That's right. Helen Kleeb, the dark-haired actress, and Mary Jackson, played Miss Mamie and Miss Emily Balwin on "The Waltons". They were well known around Walton's Mountain for dispensing "Papa's Recipe". Please don't confuse Mary Jackson with Mary Ann Jackson of the "Our Gang" comedies.


Now, here's a guy whose face you definitely know. He was all over TV and in quite a few movies in the fifties and sixties. You may remember him from a movie with Kirk Douglas that has been shown on TCM. On TV, he was in a TV series where he played twin brothers. Do you know him now?







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