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Oh, that face, that fabulous face II - Post 1950's. Whose is it?

Kid Dabb

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Sepiatone got Gordon Jump, The "Big Guy" on "WKRP In Cincinnati". He indeed succeeded Jessie White as that lonely Maytag repairman.






Now, do you know this lovely actress? She started as a dancer in several musicals in the late forties.








This next one is from a fifties western.



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Yes, Sepiatone, It's Rufe Davis, who played Floyd Smoot, engineer of "The Cannonball" on "Petticoat Junction". Earlier in his career, he had succeeded Max Terhune in the role of Lullaby Joslin in "The Three Mesquiteers" western movie series. Others who had that role included Raymond Hatton and Jimmie Dodd. Yes, the same Jimmie Dodd who would become the adult leader of the Mickey Mouse Club's Mousketeers in the fifties. Jimmie went from the Mesquiteers to the Mouseketeers.


Here is Rufe with "The Old Sow Song".




Sepiatone, this may have kept you entertained for hours, but it doesn't do much for me!


Now, here is an actress who was on a popular TV series in the sixties. Do you know her?







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Well, Dargo got Harriet MacGibbon, and yes, I have been sort of combing the casts of the Paul Henning sitcoms lately, so now we'll get away from those and feature a dramatic actress who was very active in the fifties and sixties. She was in movies and many dramatic TV shows. I believe that she also spent time on a soap opera. Do you know her?








Oh, and welcome back Dothery!

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*Constance Ford. Summerplace Rome Adventure and yes, she was on the soap opera Another World for years as Rachael MacKenzie's mom. When I watched that soap about 30-40 years ago she was on practically every episode*


She remained on that soap as Ada Hobson right up to her death in 1993. I also saw her in a couple of Perry Mason episodes...the more memorable was when she played a woman with split personalities.

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Lavender got Constance Ford. Thank you Lavender for your informative comments. And thanks to all the others for their input, as well. Now, here is an actress who was a contemporary of Constance Ford. She had a long career as a dramatic actress in both movies and television. Do you know her?


When she was young, she was a striking beauty.




She could look like the girl next door.




Here she is with Paul Newman.




She played character parts as she got older.



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Yes, Dark Blue got her. Shirley Knight has been around a long time. She's a former leading lady who adapted well to character parts as she aged. Now, here is an actor whose face you all know. He was all over TV and movies for many years in small roles. He's one of those guys whose name escapes most people. Do you know him?








If you saw him in a western, he was probably playing a store keeper.

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Good work, Dargo. His name is indeed Sandy Kenyon. He was in a long forgotten, one season TV series with Forrest Tucker in the fifties called "Crunch And Des". It was filmed in Bermuda, but I must confess that I don't remember it. He was in a 60's series called "The Travels Of Jamie McPheeters" with a young Kurt Russell. That also lasted only one season. Most of his long career was spent as a guest actor in many TV series.

Now, who is this actor? He had a famous relative.







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Good work, Dargo. It is indeed Robert Colbert. Now comes the embarrassing part. I had heard that he was related to Claudette Colbert, but when I checked after your post, well, I can only quote Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca" when he said "I was misinformed".

Now here is an actor who was once a professional athlete. Do you know him?







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