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Oh, that face, that fabulous face II - Post 1950's. Whose is it?

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I'm glad that you're all having a good time with these photos. I can tell you that Lavenderblue's edited list is correct for all that she identified. Rich got no. 14, Dick Simmons, and Dargo got no. 15, Sheb Wooley. I don't know how Lavender got Robert Loggia. With the hat and the fact that he's in the background, I didn't recognize him at first. That and the fact that the "Elfego Baca" series was a miniseries on the "Walt Disney Show". That leaves no. 6, no. 13, no. 17, and no. 21. If the pictures were clearer or the men were in the foreground, you would probably get no. 17 and no. 21 right away. No. 17 was one of the stable of cowboys at Warner Bros in the late fifties and early sixties. No. 21 starred in a fifties western where he played a Texas ranger, and later in the sixties, he played a secret agent in another TV series. No. 6 starred in a late fifties-early sixties series where he played a former gunfighter turned lawman. No. 13 starred in a series where he played a frontiersman, but earlier he had replaced one of the other actors pictured for one season on that other actor's show.

Twister, you're right. You're not very good at this. James Garner, Glenn Ford, Jay Silverheels, Jack Palance, Chuck Connors, and James Arness are NOT pictured here. Neither is Jim Davis. Let's give it a little more time and with the hints that I just gave, maybe somebody will get those other four.

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While I was typing my response, I see that Lavenderblue got no. 17, Will "Sugarfoot" Hutchins. Besides "Kung Fu", do you remember a western series that David Carradine starred in? It was based on a movie character.


Edited by: MilesArcher on Feb 17, 2014 12:58 PM

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No. 21 is Robert Culp. His western series was called "Trackdown". It ran from about 1957 to 1959. Lavenderblue got that one. Now, we're only looking for no. 6 and no. 13.


Here's cowboy no. 6 as he looked in his series.




Here's no. 13 in one of his series.



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I have #13's name here, Miles.


That's John Hart(not to be confused with the old St. Louis Cardinals QB great) who would for a short time would take over for Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger while Moore held out for a raise in salary.

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That's correct, Dargo. John Hart is one of those great trivia answers when naming the men who have played the Lone Ranger. The show that he is pictured from in the furry hat was "Hawkeye And The Last Of The Mohicans", which also starred Lon Chaney Jr. Earlier, however, Clayton Moore had a contract dispute with the Lone Ranger producers and he walked out. Hart was hired as a one season replacement, so around 1953, Hart and Jay Silverheels co-starred as the masked man and Tonto. Moore came back the next season and stayed to the end of the show's run. If you see old Lone Ranger episodes on COZI-TV or on DVD, you may just catch one where Hart plays the ranger.


That leaves no. 6. He was a band singer with Ray Anthony's orchestra in the fifties. He had spent time as a teen on his uncle's ranch in Nevada where he learned to ride and shoot. He had done a few acting jobs when Dick Powell saw him. Powell, who produced the "Zane Grey Theater" for TV, asked his assistant, Aaron Spelling, to hire the young man for a proposed western series. The show only ran for one complete season, 1959-1960. The sponsor, Johnson's Wax, pulled out after that season and no other sponsor picked up the show, so it was cancelled. Now, let's see if somebody can name him. By the way, Ellen Corby of "The Waltons" was a regular on the show.


By the way, Dargo. I think that St. Louis QB was Jim Hart, not John. There was a network newscaster named John Hart. He worked for both CBS and NBC in his career.




Edited by: MilesArcher on Feb 18, 2014 1:23 AM

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> Besides "Kung Fu", do you remember a western series that David Carradine starred in? It was based on a movie character.



Carradine did the TV version of SHANE sometime in the mid-'60's, if memory serves...



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Rich got Don Durant, the star of "Johnny Ringo" and Sepiatone knew that David Carradine played Shane in a sixties series. That completes our cowboy naming game. Thanks to all who participated. I hope it brought back a lot of fond memories. Here are the photos with the names of the actors. Use the scroll bar at the bottom to see the entire photo.







Now, here is an actor who specialized in playing Mexicans, Spaniards, and Native Americans in at least three western TV series. He actually was of Russian-Jewish descent. He spoke Yiddish before he learned English. He learned some Spanish while stationed in New Mexico when he was in the service. He played the Mexican sidekick of the hero in an early fifties TV western series. Do you know him?








Edited by: MilesArcher on Feb 20, 2014 2:45 AM

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One of Kenny Rogers' *Gambler* movies from 1991 - I think it's called *Luck of the Draw* - had him running into several TV Western characters during a trip from Mexico to San Francisco for a big poker game. Many of them are in this picture along with Chuck Connors, Brian Keith of *The Westernerer*, Christopher Rich of *Brisco County, Jr*. and Jack Kelly of *Maverick.* The game was at the "Hotel Carlton" of *Have Gun, Will Travel* and references were made to other stars already gone. Connors, Kelly and Keith all died shirtly after this which makes it notable.


A funny bit: Lucas McCain is still on the ranch but Mark has gotten involved in "moving pictures" in California. Later on Brady Hawks and his party, in a car, break up a movie shoot with a silver white horse that Mark is working on.

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Including the pic of "F Troop" 's Crazy Cat made this one pretty easy to decipher, Miles. It's Don Diamond.


Btw, every time I think of that sitcom, Don Rickles hilarious portrayal of the renegade Bald Eagle and his constant cries of "Kill, kill, KILL the white man" immediately spring to my mind, along with the episode "The Burglar of Banff-f-f" that featured Paul Lynde as the Singing Mountie...



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Dargo got Don Diamond. He played El Toro on "The Adventures Of Kit Carson" with Bill Williams. Later he played Corporal Reyes on "Zorro", and then later Crazy Cat on "F Troop". Now. here is a guy who was a birthday boy on February 20th. He was in several series in the sixties. Do you know him?







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Rich got Larry Hovis. Besides "Hogan's Heroes" he was also in "Gomer Pyle, USMC" for a season. He took orders from Sgt. Carter in the Gomer Pyle series, and he played a character named Sgt. Carter in the "Hogan's Heroes" series. He was also a writer and performer on "Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In". Thanks, lavender, for the note about the missing thread. I just sent a PM to the TCM Web Administrator about it.


Now, speaking of military themed TV shows, this next fellow was a regular on one of them. He also had another talent. Do you know him and can you tell us his other talent?







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