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Oh, that face, that fabulous face II - Post 1950's. Whose is it?

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Well, she doesn't look like that NOW. (Do any of us?) Teri Garr was quite lovely in her "Young Frankenstein" and even "Tootsie" period. When she was a guest on a "Friends" episode a few years' back, I hardly recognized her!

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I didn't see the picture until now (when I just posted), and to me it looked like the young Teri that I remembered. Especially since the picture has her with that same long blonde hair. I only mention that because changes in hair often fool me; i.e. it can be difficult to just look at the facial features instead of focusing on the hair style and color.



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>The movie was Blazing Saddles. I thought the Randolph Scott reference, coulpled with the African-American actor would give it away fer sure.


"Excuse me while I whip this (mea culpa) out", but yes slayton, I have to admit that that was an excellent clue for the Cleavon Little picture, and one which should have helped me think of him. I probably missed it because I've always thought of Mr. Little as the young and vibrant Sheriff Bart character in that comedy, and his appearance in the picture you posted as an older man didn't register with me at all.

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Debbie Watson ?


THOUGH, somethin's tellin' me here that that's not her, and that the young lady in question is British instead of the All-American Miss Watson.


(...soooo, how do ya like THAT for the ol' "CYA" tactic, EH?!) ;)


Edited by: Dargo2 on Jan 29, 2013 1:47 AM

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