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Oh, that face, that fabulous face II - Post 1950's. Whose is it?

Kid Dabb

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> {quote:title=RayFaiola wrote:}{quote}You Asked For It - ART BAKER!


Any *Happy Days* fan who didn't get this right should be ashamed! This was the template for "You Wanted to See It" the show where, I think, "Fonzie jumped the shark" and gave us a new term for the TV lexicon. Jack Smith, who hosted this parody, did the same on real series.

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Jan Murray was on several shows, mostly game shows. The one I most remember was *Treasure Hunt* in the late '50's. Others have done versions of that game show over the ensuing years. Used to see Murray on *Hollywood Squares* a lot, and doing stand-up on ED SULLIVAN'S show, too.






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She was in a series with Michael Callan, called "Occasional Wife", where they pretended to be married so that he would fit in with his conservative business associates. Ironically, they did marry in real life, but just like the series, it didn't last long. My last picture is from the updated "Blondie" series with Will Hutchins as Dagwood. Now here is a comedian and actor who co-starred in a TV sitcom some years ago. He gave up acting and went into behind the scenes work. He married a well known singer/actress. Who is he?





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Why Twinkeee, need you even ASK?! Of COURSE I won...I ALWAYS win!!! LOL ;)


Yep, it was 1973. I was all of about 21 y/o and was the "Champeen" of one day's game...and lost my "title" the very next show. I think I recall winning something like $550 in total. But the thing I remember most was that the winner of each day's program would walk up to a lineup of 5 cars(Pontiacs in my case) and after you sat in the driver's seat and turned the key and IF it started, it was yours. Of course being that 21 y/o at the time I immediately walked over to the Firebird, hopped into it and turned that key...but nothin'. Turned out that day's car geared to start up was the Pontiac Grand Safari STATION WAGON. And of course, THAT was the car I LEAST wanted to win.


Btw Twink...if you're interested, here's a YouTube video of this quiz show(not my appearance, though), which I thought in some manner resembles "Jeopardy", but with the difference that each question had three correct answers.




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