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Oh, that face, that fabulous face II - Post 1950's. Whose is it?

Kid Dabb

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First of all, SCSU1975 got Russ Conway and Sarah Selby from the Hardy Boys series on "The Mickey Mouse Club". Secondly, Jack Narz' first wife was the sister of Bill Cullen's wife. Both Jack Narz and Tom Kennedy were recipients of the Bill Cullen award for Lifetime Achievement from the Game Show Congress. I wonder how you get elected to that body. Now, here is another familiar face, Do you know him?



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Bud Collyer is correct. Most of you will remember him as the host of "To Tell the Truth" for many years. Before that, he hosted a game show called "Beat The Clock", where contestants had to complete tricky stunts in order to move on. It was a forerunner of today's "Minute To Win It". Prior to TV game shows, he was a popular radio actor. He will always be remembered as the first "Superman" on the radio, as he played the part of Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent.

Now, here'a gal who was quite popular in the early days of television. She started as a model on a comedy show and ended up hosting the show near the end of it's run. She also hosted her own show at one time. Who is she?



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Dagmar's name was Virginia Lewis. She was a model and actress known as Jenny Lewis who was cast as a dumb blonde on "Broadway Open House" a forerunner of "The Tonight Show" in the early fifties. She was given the name Dagmar because it was the name of one of the characters on "I Remember Mama", a popular TV show at the time. She became very popular and even was pictured on the cover of "Life" magazine. When the show's star, Jerry Lester, got upset one night and walked off the show, Dagmar took over as host for the remainder of the season, which was about two months. She then hosted her own show called "Dagmar's Canteen". She also guested on other shows including Jack Paar's. Here is that magazine picture and an interesting ad for a personal appearance at a housing development in Ohio. Note the price of the house. Use the scroll bar to see the entire ad.



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Now, do you know this pretty actress? She had a recurring role in a TV series in the seventies. After that series left the air, she continued acting in various TV shows for years, but she curtailed her TV career a bit in the nineties to work in live theater. Even now, she works sporadically in TV, but spends most of her time in local theater in her home state of Oregon. Who is she?





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