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TCM's April Fool's Comedy Festival


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My own personal favorite part of the festival was the all day marathon of rare shorts featuring Charley Chase and Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and you know that my vcr had a major workout that day.I applaud Turner Classic Movies so much for airing these extremely rare gems from the silent film era and I hope that TCM will introduce these classic comedians to a new generation to fans of classic slapstick comedy.


Now would be really great if TCM can get a hold of some silent cartoons.

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As I am with most everything on TCM's schedule.


I have a friend from grade school, who's a movie buff, but has no dvd player. Consequently we often schedule get together movie nights, just to catch up...and plan to watch one of the films from my ever growing dvd collection.


And then I will turn the tv on, and she will notice what TCM is playing, and often we end up just watching that for a couple hours instead of the new purchases, as the daily selection on TCM is so marvelous.


Having April be a month celebrating comedy was a nice touch, and I enjoyed all the films immensely, even ones I've seen more than a few times already. So nice to see them commercial free!


Thank you, TCM!

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I think this is GREAT!

The old comedy classics are the best!

I have even got my sons to appreciate them.

Movies we can watch together as a family!


When I was a kid, I was in awe over The Marx Bros.

Each one had something different to offer.


We also love Abbott & Costello, & Lucille Ball!

Keep us laughing!

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