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Nicely produced horror movie with an off-beat and original storyline for once.



The acting, the production values and the special effects were better-than-expected.



My only quibble is that they showed too much of "Mama' toward the end because she really did look like an animated cartoon.



I was mostly grateful that this wasn't a remake, a re-boot, a sequel or some horrible comedy like The Horror Movie!



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"Mama" has one of the most stunning posters for a movie that I've ever seen.



We see a stark, Goya-esque bblack and white picture of a small, scared/scary girl staring up from beneath her lowered face.



She's grasping tightly the ominously long, skeletal arm and bony hand with long nails of a woman we hope to never see in real life.The picture could easily hang in the gallery of the Metropolitan Museum in NYC



Just as elecltrifying is the poster for Texas Chainsaw 3-D. We see rows of hideous faces of murder victims,like Most Wanted posters. All stare out with dead eyes and terrifying faces.



I've always thought that artists who create artwork for our horror/fantasy flicks are among the most gifted creators.






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This one has all the elements of a Del Toro film production- beautifull eerie photography, a better than average cast, and some very atmospheric music. But I was not too crazy about the Mama creature which is shown way too much and looks like a cheap CGI effect.

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Joe, this is exactly the way I felt about "Mama."



The production is definitely first-rate: great cast, music, backdrops, interiors.



But I wish the Mama monster had been shown less--and made more horrific.



This creature was too much from the Walt Disney canon of Cruella d'Ville prototypes.



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