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I'll just use my first-timer list from a previous thread (and maybe add one or two):


Paul Muni

Sydney Greenstreet

Jean Simmons

Dean Martin

Mickey Rooney

Joan Fontaine

Melvyn Douglas

William Powell

Richard Barthelmess

Simone Signoret

Anna Magnani

Jeanne Moreau

Lilli Palmer

Walter Brennan

Madeleine Carroll

Richard Burton

Alain Delon

Walter Huston

Eleanor Parker

Agnes Moorehead

Gena Rowlands

Jason Robards

Herbert Marshall

Arthur Kennedy

Patricia Neal

Eli Wallach

Lee J. Cobb

Warren Oates

Charles Bronson

Harrison Ford

Jeff Bridges

Jack Nicholson


Edited by: sweetsmellofsuccess on Feb 18, 2013 6:39 AM

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The Jean Gabin and Toshiro Mifune days from the last couple of years were very welcome additions to the lineup. I'd like to see days for...(and some films to show)


Anna Karina (Le Petit Soldat, A Woman is a Woman, Pierrot le Fou, La Religieuse, Chinese Roulette)

Setsuko Hara (Sound of the Mountain, Repast, Late Spring, Tokyo Twilight, The Idiot)

Hideko Takamine (Hideko the Bus Conductor, Lightning, 24 Eyes, Floating Clouds, Yearning)

Marcello Mastroianni (Le Notti Bianche, La Notte, The Stranger, City of Women)

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Sounds good to me. How about a day for Japanese director Seijun Suzuki? His 50s/60s Japanese noir are great, and rarely seen. Of course *Branded to Kill* and *Tokyo Drifter*, his best known, should be shown, but most any other film of that era, by him, would be a treasured rarity.

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If TCM wants to target a new audience, perhaps a Jack Nicholson or a Harrison Ford day could do it. Some mainstream PR around that day could draw some younger eyeballs to the station.A Charles Bronson day does raise the possibility of running the infamous DEATH WISH films - make sure their start times are when TCM Underground would be on the air, since that's the only place much of Mr. Bronson's later oeuvre would ever make it on TCM. :) Kidding, of course.

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Blame it on a bad bout of insomnia, but here's what came into my mind last night. I have no idea how feasible actually showing any of these movies would be. It's mostly just a list of faves and longtime wish-to-sees :) :


*1. Sylvia Sidney:* City Streets, An American Tragedy, Blood on the Sun

*2. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.:* Scarlet Dawn, The Exile, That Lady in Ermine

*3. Elsa Lanchester:* The Ghost Goes West, Son of Fury, The Glass Slipper

*4. Walter Huston:* Kongo, The Devil and Daniel Webster, And Then There Were None

*5. Simone Signoret:* Casque d'Or, Therese Raquin, Room at the Top

*6. Robert Morley:* Beat the Devil, The Doctor's Dilemma, Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?

*7. Frances Dee:* Blood Money, Becky Sharp, If I Were King, The Private Affairs of Bel Ami

*8. Frank Morgan:* The Kiss Before the Mirror, The Affairs of Cellini, The Good Fairy

*9. Jan Sterling:* Mystery Street, The Mating Season, Ace in the Hole

*10. Eugene Palette:* The Three Musketeers (1921), Friends of Mr. Sweeney, The Male Animal

*11. Billie Burke:* A Bill of Divorcement, The Young in Heart, The Cheaters

*12. Fredric March:* The Royal Family of Broadway, My Sin, Tonight Is Ours

*13. Nancy Carroll:* The Devil's Holiday, Broken Lullaby, Child of Manhattan

*14. Ray Milland:* Kitty, So Evil My Love, Alias Nick Beal

*15. Margaret Lindsay*: Cavalcade, Bordertown, The House of the Seven Gables

*16. Charles Boyer:* Tovarich, Cluny Brown, A Woman's Vengeance, The 13th Letter

*17. Joan Bennett:* Bulldog Drummond (1929), Trade Winds, The Macomber Affair

*18. William Powell:* Beau Geste (1926), The Baroness and the Butler, The Senator Was Indiscreet

*19. Anna May Wong:* The Thief of Bagdad (1924), Peter Pan (1924), Shanghai Express

*20. Paul Lukas:* Downstairs, Grand Slam, Dodsworth

*21. Janet Gaynor:* 7th Heaven, Street Angel, Ladies in Love

*22. Don Ameche:* Midnight, The Story of Alexander Graham Bell, Heaven Can Wait

*23. Vera Miles*: A Touch of Larceny, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

*24. Vincent Price*: A Royal Scandal, Champagne for Caesar, His Kind of Woman

*25. Alice Faye*: Poor Little Rich Girl, Tin Pan Alley, Fallen Angel

*26. Thomas Gomez:* Phantom Lady, Ride the Pink Horse, Force of Evil

*27. Fay Wray:* The Wedding March, The Unholy Garden, The Clairvoyant

*28. Richard Conte:* House of Strangers, Thieves' Highway, The Big Combo

*29. Glynis Johns:* State Secret, No Highway in the Sky, The Magic Box

*30. Lee Tracy:* Blessed Event, The Half-Naked Truth, Bombshell

*31. Maggie Smith:* Murder by Death, California Suite, Gosford Park


Edited by: NoraCharles1934 on Feb 21, 2013 4:34 PM

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Great choices, Nora! Since Dame Maggie is popular again these days, she would be an excellent choice for the contemporary star. I appreciate the way you've included stars from different decades, because that's how TCM does it. They work about six months in advance, so if they haven't chosen their 31 stars for this year, they will soon.

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Intriguing mix. TCM could very well do something similar, although a few days no doubt will be reserved for SUTS semi-regulars, or even a few stars who have been underserved (e.g., Clark Gable, who's only appeared in 2003 and 2009). Oh, and if we're actualy doing Frank Morgan and Eugene Pallette this year, why not fellow character acting greats Walter Connolly and Una Merkel in 2014?

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Thanks all, for the compliments. :)


I did try to mix it up a bit, knowing my own biases (American, 1930s, etc.).


VP19, you're right, of course. I'm sure we'll see several Bogart, Stewart, and/or Hepburn-type days (nothing against them). Connolly and Merkel are both great choices, and I'm kicking myself for omitting Ann Harding!


A 2014 list is already taking form in my head . . . :^0

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VP19 : Agree with you on the Clark Gable SUTS day. Gable { and any other star born in Feb } always gets the shaft because 31 days of Oscar steals the whole month from them and they TCM cannot have a birthday tribute to them { wouldn't it also be nice if TCM captured the rights to play some of his non-MGM films } A pity, I say.


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