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2013 TCM Classic Cruise - Relections Lounge

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An observation about logistics on the 2013 cruise which may have also been an issue for the first cruise, but I didn't participate in 2012, so am unsure.


The seating in the Reflections Lounge (forward) was an issue for several reasons. First, unlike events at the Festival where people are not allowed to stand, the seating configuration in the lounge was such as people coming in late often filled in space in the middle, thus blocking the view of those who were in seats further to the front of the boat. The stage, such as it was, was on the same level as the seats, so if you did have a seat, you might be able to hear, but many toward the rear with seats could not see what was going on. Think of a half a doughnut where people stand in the space where the hole is and the action takes place just the other side of the hole, thus blocking the view of the surrounding patrons. One woman I overheard got up and left in disgust, saying "honestly, this is too much." It was as much about people who blocked others' view not paying attention to the seating arrangements (or not caring), but there was room for standing in the rear without blocking anyone's view. TCM needs to either tell peoplle to stand at the rear at Refelections when facing the stage or to police those who would obstruct others' view of the proceedings and ask them to move. It really makes a great deal of difference as to the kind of experience people have in the venue.


Cinecrazy DC



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