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Classics and kids

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My parents were never really classic movie fans. Much to their chagrin, I've always been into the classics and would routinely watch movies that were older than them. Being an movie fan, of course my children are into them now, in addition to History channel and any and all nature documentaries they can get their eyes on.


They want to have a Halloween like they had in Meet Me in St. Louis. They sing along to Sound of Music. And they LOVE John Wayne weekend around here.

Last night I introduced them to Gilligan's Island. I don't think I've ever heard my daughter giggle like that. Other must know classics we've introduced them to...anything Don Knotts did, the Addams Family, Leave it to Beaver, The Munsters, Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Now they are passing this knowledge on to friends. Who's on First is now popular with friends. Thank goodness for YouTube.

What other greats do your kids like?

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Welcome, lola! Interesting to learn that you liked the classics and your parents didn't. Usually it works the other way around. ;) I don't have kids, but it's great to know that there are people actively passing down the love of these gems to the younger generation.

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I don't have kids either, but I can tell you that one of the first films I ever saw in a theater is still one of my all-time favorites today. "Lili" is totally charming (not a word I use often) and very adult at the same time. Leslie Caron plays a young woman who is sent to live with an uncle who has recently died and ends up attaching herself to a carnival troupe, one of whom is a lame puppeteer who enchants her with his puppet characters. She falls in love with the characters, not realizing she is really falling in love with the man, whom she thinks of as aloof and uncaring. Other classics from my own childhood are Disney's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea", "Swiss Family Robinson" and "The Parent Trap". If your kids like sci-fi and can get past the more primitive effects, "Forbidden Planet" and "This Island Earth" were two of my favorites as a kid, as was "Journey To The Center of the Earth" and ANYTHING with stop-motion special effects by Ray Harryhausen. TCM recently scheduled "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T", an early musical fantasy by Dr. Seuss. Pirate movies are popular again and there are quite a few of them from the 30's-50's. Television was already showing things from the 30's and 40's when I was young, so I caught up with classics like "Robin Hood" with Erroll Flynn, the Lassie movies, "National Velvet", "Little Women" and "The Yearling". The western "Shane" features the character of a boy who is the audience's way of looking at the actions of the adults. There's also a more obscure movie from that era called "The Boy With Green Hair", an interesting lesson in the effects of intolerance, if you want something with a message. "To Kill A Mockingbird" with its three young characters would also fill that bill, though it's themes are more adult. You didn't say how old your kids are, but they might like more adolescent-oriented comedies from the 1960's like "The Trouble With Angels" with Hayley Mills and Rosalind Russell or, a personal favorite, "The World of Henry Orient" with Peter Sellers, Angela Lansbury and two teenage actresses who are exceptionally good. Anyway, I applaud your effort to expose your children to classic films. Good for you.


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Hi, lola (guess having kids and all, you wouldn't want to be called "Naughty Lola" !).


Welcome to the TCM message boards. Hope you stick around. A lot of people start one thread, or post one comment, after they sign on here, and then we never hear from them again.


I love children's literature, and also children's movies -if they're good. There are, as you evidently know, many great classic kids' films. There's a whole "forum" here for talking about children's and "family" movies. You might want to check it out. Here's a link, but if the link doesn't "take", you can also just go to the main "forums" page, and scroll down until you get to the "genre" section, where you will see, near the top of that, the title "Family Films" or something similar. Good luck !




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I have two sons and when they were about 8 and 10 years old, I introduced them to the "Road" movies with Hope and Crosby, Abbott and Costello, the "Thin Man" films. They watched these and others so many times that they would quote lines from them and could do routines like "Who's on first". Both boys became huge William Powell and Myrna Loy fans. John Wayne, Errol Flynn, Bogie and James Cagney were also at the top of their list. Today , they are 33 and 31 years old and they have all the "Road" films and the "Thin Man" series along with many Bogart, Cagney and Wayne films. My 10 year old grandson has discovered "The 3 Stooges" and Abbott and Costello and like his dad he and I will do many of their comic routines.

It's great to see some one his age love films that are not always nothing but special effects and explosions.Which he also enjoys, but it is fun for me to throw a A&C line to him and he picks up and gives me the return the punch line.. ex:.. Me.. "didn't you go to school stupid" and he answers .."yeah, and I came home the same way".... The same goes with the "Road" films also, he has discovered them..

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