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PURCHASED AN OLD Hitchcock movie


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I purchased "The Secret Agent" 1936 waiting to receive it. It stars John Guilud & Madeleine Carroll ( from 39 steps) Hitchcock movie. It's one of his finest earlier films to date now years later. But when released in theatres it didn't fare well. I can't wait to get this

movie been wanting it for along time now. If you have seen this movie can you give me your take on it? Or a

review i do not mind....Can anyone name other classic movies that didn't do well at the box office when first released and our classics now! Boy i bet we could get a list going. lolite blue.


p.s. Please excuse the miss spelling of John Guilud 's

name he was the consumate actor and i meant no disrespect


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Feaito, could you give me your take on "Secret Agent" i

should have it any day now i'm on the edge of my seat

waiting i got it on amazon.com for 3.39 couldn't believe

it....What a find!...even a mini review would be nice and when i finally get it in the mail i will tell ya

what i think ok? ...lolite.

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purchased this too on dvd, since I've only had an old recorded from tv tape previously.


This movie is interesting as it is based on the Somerset Maugham tale, "Ashenden". This was the second time Hitchcock had cast the beauteous Madeleine Carroll, and it is fun to see what the original conception for Alfred's lifelong cool blonde obsession looked like.


Carroll had been chosen by famed artist James Montgomery Flagg, as the world's most beautiful woman in 1937, and she epitomized what was to become the quintessential Hitchcock heroine on film, finalizing in the emergence of Grace Kelly later on. Born in Britain, she was appearing on film and the stage till 1935, when cast by Hitch for "The 39 Steps" and this film. Carroll was then signed by Walter Wanger and 20th Century Fox, which pleased her as she liked the Hollywood system more than the British film studios. Gielgud also equits himself well in this piece, but it is best to not worry too much about the story and just sit back and enjoy the convoluted Hitchcockian plot, while watching for Alfred to make his customary appearance.


I love Gielgud, but in this...he is a bit stagey and more wooden than one normally thinks of him. Nevertheless this is a fine film and has much to recommend it.


I don't think Hitch's "I Confess", "The Paradine Case" or "Stage Fright" did particularly well at the time, but they are still fun to see.




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Thank you therealfuster! Now I really looking forward to

this gem of a film...I love Hitch 's films so much i'm

trying so but surely, especially his early films to get

them all whether it be vhs or dvd. I will look especially

close to Gigelud's performance now with interest.I loved

Carroll's performance in "39 Steps" so i hope i'm not

disappointed by her performance in "Secret Agent"

thanks again for taking the time to reply. Loliteblue...

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