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Best Musicals Of All Time

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Best Musicals of All Time: ( My personal favorites)


1) The Wizard of Oz

2) Funny Girl

3) Singin' In The Rain

4) Gigi

5) My Fair Lady

6) Maytime

7) Carousel

8) Hello, Dolly

9) A Star Is Born ( 1954)

10) Top Hat

11) South Pacific

12) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

13) Oklahoma

14) The Music Man

15) The Sound Of Music

16) Chicago

17) The Great Caruso

18) On A Clear You Can See Forever

19) Annie Get Your Gun

20) The Bandwagon

21) Mary Poppins

22) A Star is Born (1976)

23) Naughty Marietta

24) With A Song In My Heart

25) Call Me Madame



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I know it's usually only shown seasonally, but "Easter Parade" is one of the best. I watch it every year, which I can't really say about any other musical. "Funny Face" is very witty and a lot of fun. "State Fair" is a real treat for me, both versions. I just watched "Carmen Jones" again when it was shown recently and it's genius. I also recently rewatched "Hello, Dolly", the one which supposedly "killed" the big screen musical, and I loved it. Totally undeserving of its reputation as a bomb. Another fave is "L'il Abner". The music score is clever and the fact that the set falls somewhere between a stage set and a movie set only adds to the appeal for me, since Dogpatch is such a cartoony concept anyway. I'm a big fan of MGM's "minor" musicals, such as "Athena", "I Love Melvin" and "Give A Girl A Break". Some day I swear I'm going to collect all of Virginia Gray's numbers from those 1950's widescreen musicals and put them on one disc, so I can just watch it over and over.

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The only 11 musicals I can even stand to watch, but I love all of them, in this rough order:


*A Star is Born* (1954 version) Top of the Heap because of Garland's greatest performance


*42nd Street* +-+ A close second, with the best dialogue of any of them



*Little Big Shot* (Not really a musical, but so what? It's a great movie with two great songs by my favorite child star)



*My Fair Lady* (best overalll soundtrack)



*Footlight Parade* (Best single musical number in any movie: "Shanghai Lil")






*(A gap here)*







*Gold Diggers of 1933* (the weakest of the Big Three Berkeleys is still pretty damn great)



*Damn Yankees* (great songs plus a lot of Griffith Stadium shots)



*Guys and Dolls* (Stubby Kaye is Da Man)




*Singing in the Rain* (fabulous title number and a first rate cast and plot)




*Cabaret* (for the Liza and Joel Gray numbers only - idiotic plot)



*The Umbrellas of Cherbourg* (Haven't seen it for 35 years, so it may not wear too well)

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To name a few:


Anchors Aweigh (1945), Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), A Night at the Opera (1935), Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938), Woodstock (1970), The Great Waltz (1972), A Hard Day's Night (1964), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954), The Tales of Hoffmann (1951), Fantasia (1940), and White Christmas (1954).

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I am not much of a fan of musicials as a genre, but the ones that I do like, I like very much.My personal favorite is Brigadoon. If I were making a list I'd include pretty much any one, or all, of the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers musicals, and a handful of Doris Day's 1950 fims.Also: Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on the Roof and Damn Yankees. I guess then I'd have to ask myself, how many songs does a movie have to have in it in order to qualify as a Musical? For example, I love the Bing Crosby/Bob Hope Road Movies, and each one has a handful of songs, but -- are they actually considered Musicals, or simply comedies with a four or five songs thrown in?


Edited by: prc1966 on May 2, 2013 4:37 PM

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What about Brigadoon? I love the 'big 3' Kelly musicals you mentioned but others here have said Brigadoon is great. I have never seen it and I just wonder how you feel about it compared to those big 3.

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I admit I had never even heard of the movie Brigadoon until it was mentioned in this tread. I also don't remember TCM ever showing it. Hope they have access rights to it and show it soon.


Kelly was magic and thus I would like to see a movie made when he was in his prime.

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1 Singin' in the rain


2 The band wagon


3 On the town


4 An american in Paris/The pirate/It's always fair weather


7 Silk stockings


8 The Barkeleys of Broadway/Give a girl a break


10 Damn yankees/Top hat


12 Anchors aweigh/Easter parade/A star is born


15 Kiss me Kate/Carefree/The belle of New York/Royal wedding


19 Sweet charity/Daddy long legs/You'll never get rich


22 Yolanda and the thief/Three little words/The pajama game/Cover girl/You were never lovelier


My video:


With the 200 best ballets and dance numbers in Cinema(in chronological order).

Or short history of dance in film.

IMPORTANT:HD,please click on 720p and do NOT enlarge the video.

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>What elements do you think make up a "great"musical?


This has been a discussion around the Tiki household numerous times as *I* love musicals, while the rest of the Teeks loathe them.

A good musical is where the music actually furthers the plot, rather than just interjects the story.

A GREAT musical happens when everything comes together with performance, story and great songs. Of course, that can differ among personal opinion.


I have purposely been showing musicals that I know cannot fail, just to open their minds to the genre. They always have more impact on the big screen with an audience. I am quick to point out the movie they just enjoyed was a dreaded musical. :-)


Great musicals EVERYONE enjoys:


The Wizard of Oz

Singin' In The Rain

An American In Paris


My Fair Lady (the costumes!)

Annie Get Your Gun

Mary Poppins

Willy Wonka (1970)

Astaire/Rogers musicals


My Favorite Musicals:


Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

The Music Man

A Star Is Born (54)

Hello Dolly


Evergreen/First A Girl

Busby Berkeley musicals


These are a little more "quirky" and not for everyone.

Many musicals, including the other musicals mentioned (ie Sound of Music) fail for me in one way or another. (where's High Society on the list?)


Early musicals like Astaire/Rogers & Busby Berkeley movies are real crowd pleasers at our Monday night screenings. Amazing to me they seem to grab a modern audience.


I recently watched Carousel and simply hated it. I hated the "heaven" element with the corny stars & sets but especially the song about "My man hit me but it didn't hurt because I love him" I wanted to pull my hair out. And the clambake dance number on the dock just seemed like a weak imitation of Seven Bride's barn raising number.

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Favorite musical films based on Broadway shows:








Favorite original musical films (plot-based songs)








Favorite musical films (song are sung as performance)







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Okay, I am new to this forum so I please be patient with me...


I LOVE almost all movie musicals, I can only think of a few movie musicals that I don't care for.


My all time favorite is 'Meet Me in St Louis'.


Just a few that I watch over and over are:



South Pacific



The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Sound of Music

West Side Story

The King and I

Funny Girl

Yankee Doodle Dandy

42nd Street


A good musical just makes you want to get up and SING!



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Want to add a shout out to Show Boat (1951.) For me, it's a musical valentine. When the film starts, it seems like a lovely old hand-colored post card is coming to life in front of you. I love the look of these candy box color films of the fifties and this one is full of sweet things, gorgeous music, the Champions dancing and Ava Gardner! It also has one of my favorite endings. I love a movie that can consistently make me cry after repeated viewings and Ava never fails to gut me at the end when she's standing on the docks and blows a kiss to Magnolia and Gay and then fades back into the shadows.

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> {quote:title=jamesjazzguitar wrote:}{quote}I admit I had never even heard of the movie Brigadoon until it was mentioned in this tread. I also don't remember TCM ever showing it. Hope they have access rights to it and show it soon.


> Kelly was magic and thus I would like to see a movie made when he was in his prime.


I have seen the marvelous BRIGADOON several times. It is simply a terrific film and my favorite musical. Lovely magical Highlands story. Cyd Charisse is graceful and beautiful as misty Highlands girl and Kelly's longing for love and a green simple world far away from shallow concrete jungles of New York is tangible.


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