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I have already informed a few fellow folks on here about this-(you'll likely see it next time you go on-line & I even gave all details as to where & how to purchase this "stunning" & "stunningly," inexpensive book by legendary Hollywood Columnist to the Stars: James Bacon-(1914-)

Trust me folks, this is 1 you simply cannot pass-up-(even if you don't collect "Movie-Books,' as much as some of us on here do! I know our good buddy: Mongo does-(sent you info, please drop me a line), Holly-(you are rarely on here anymore, but I gave u the scoop of course pal!) & path 40-(I immediately thought of you as well, when I got it in mail Friday)-(SIDEBAR: Is Antar still on here. If so, whats his handle?) & Mr. Bernal of www.moviepal.com or tripod? You got info as well!

Most on here should know of James Bacon to start with. For some reason, this fellow Irishman was more than excepted into virtually every arena during Hollywoods Glorious Golden Age/Studio-System-(1925 to 60)

He was with AP & hung-ut with everyone except Garbo, so it seems-(though he refers to her as "The Great Garbo!")

*Gable, *Tracy-(best sec. of this fairly small book, is titled: "Hollywoods Greatest Romance" Being of course: *Tracy & *Hepburn.) *Coop, *Bogey & Bacall, Cary Grant, *Jimmy Stewart-(4-got, this is for HOLLY mostly. Don't think he was pals with *Cagney though?) Edward G., W.C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Mae West-(in depth chapter) & Lana Turner-(another chapter & this guy was among 1st permitted into her infamous back bedroom, after the 1958 J. Stompanato killing!-(thats the kind of juice he had & still has. However, our stars today are not exactly in same league) Bacon was also among folks that verified it was H. Hughes on a speaker phone. During a lawsuit a few yrs. prior to his death in 1976.

There is another chapter & it's not made-up either-(cross-referenced) on Marilyn! He was not crazy about *Bette Davis-(sound familiar) but of course respected her talent.

& I only scratched the surfice here. He has 2 others out there-(1 called "King: Cohn" Arguably, the meanest sob of all moguls: Harry Cohn-(1884-1959) & another, on "The Great 0ne: Jackie Gleason"-(1916-87)-(also covered in this book) About Gleason's moving bar-(literally) It was a train & had dancing girls, band & booze & Jim, was of course along for the ride!"AND AWAAAAY WE GO!"


Title is: "Hollywood Is A Four Letter Town" (1976)

Elsie's Antiques

675 W. St. Charles Rd.

Elmhurst, IL. 60126-3025

This will save you true cinephiles time to search.

Most amazing, is this book would generally be $25 or so-(Larry Edmunds on H. Blvd. for example)

I got-it for only $5 bucks???

& yes, it has photos as well


(FINAL NOTE: Almost 4-got, the last time I saw Mr. Bacon was last Summer, when *Brando died. He was on Larry King, again!-(a frequent guest)


Good luck-(welp, luc has nada to do with-it. Just trust this former TCM-ITE) Please & I thank you



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