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Your Favourite Oscar Wins!!!

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Hello Everyone,


Here's another subject we can have fun with:


Which actor and/or actress are your favourite Oscar wins?

In other words, which ones made you the happiest???


Here's mine -


Claudette Colbert - all round performer

Charles Laughton - always a great presence on film

Robert Donat - always liked him; had a gentle aura about him

Ronald Colman - gentleman; highly polished manners; I always try to emulate him

James Stewart - great guy, and one of the nicest people on Earth

Mary Astor - a deserving winner and always a friend to me

Joan Crawford - the very epitome of a grand movie star and I always loved her

Mercedes McCambridge - nice and gentle woman, and she conquered all her demons

Shirley Booth - the underdog that year and when I saw her in Bullocks Department Store, she thanked me for wishing her good luck in winning

Gregory Peck - my favourite actor ever and always

Sophia Loren - my favourite actress and such a great smile; you just know she's a movie star

Rex Harrison - nobody liked him much and some were afraid of him - except my grandmother and me; he gave me an 18th birthday party in Porofino in 1960

Maggie Smith - should have won for V.I.P's (wasn't even nominated!). Now plays miserable, wretched old bitches, but was great in "Jean Brodie" and also really great giving grief to bette Davis in "Death on the Nile"

Liza Minnelli - loved her performance, although everyone was pulling for Diana Ross (can't stand her)

Joel Grey - fantastic performance

Ellen Burstyn - i love her in everything

F. Murray Abraham - great actor, very good in "Amadeus"

Peggy Ashcroft - worthy actress, very watchable

Geraldine Page - "greatest actress of the English language"; always perfect

Jessica tandy - always liked her

Kathy Bates - a favourite of mine since I saw her on Broadway

Whoopi Goldberg - I'm happy because she was so happy when she won

Jack Palance - great villain but nice guy; great in "Sudden Fear" and "Shane" too

Susan Sarandan - fine actress; great performance

Kevin Spacey - always watchable and two fine performance

Frances McDormand - was always routing for her from the beginning of her career

Adrien Brody - another underdog but he deserved it - great performance


Give us your favourites and the one's that made you happy



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One of my very favorite Oscar moments was when frequent nominee Geraldine Page finally won her best actress award as Carrie Watts in "The Trip to Bountiful".

A wonderful performance that was beautifully realized.

Miss Page is one actress that I truly miss.


Although Oscar winner Mary Astor was very good in "The Great Lie" I can't help but think that Sara Allgood deserved the Oscar more as the matriarch in "How Green Was My Valley". She was outstanding. Too bad it wasn't a tie.


I was happy for Shirley MacLaine when she finally won her Oscar for "Terms of Endearment" after numerous nominations.


And yes, I agree with you about Jessica Tandy who brought Miss Daisy to life in all her glory. She gave a memorable performance.


I'll get to some of the male Oscar winners at a later date.



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Vivien Leigh for A Streetcar Named Desire-such a fantastic performance and still ranks #1 for me.


Anne Baxter for The Razor's Edge-absolutely heartbreaking performance that could have been much more over the top, but she made it believable and honest.


Judy Holliday for Born Yesterday-I know this award brings huge debate and even if Holliday's performance isn't the best of the nominees it's still brilliant. In addition, it's always great to see a comedic performance get recognition.

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Hi All,


I was wondering if there is a place to buy or rent the old oscars on tape or dvd? I am to young to have seen alot of these classic stars win there oscars but I would love to have seen it. I watch the oscars now and I love when they show the old clips. I would love to have seen the famous one where the streaker is behind David Niven but Mr Niven keeps his cool the whole time.=)


My favorites would have been James Stewart ( I adore him), John Wayne, Whoopie Goldberg, Maggie Smith. More recently, I loved Halle Berry, Adrian Brody, Sean Penn, Clint Eastwood.



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Well Movies Unlimited has lots of movies and looking in their book you can find any movie or any Oscar Telecasts they have and they have some. I also have the 20 Years of the Oscars on tape from 1970-1990. Which is a wonderful tape I found it at the Dollar Store. My book has the website as www.moviesunlimited.com the telephone number 1-800-4-MOVIES. Hope this helps.

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