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I remember seeing on several occasions back in the 80s, a short that ran on my local PBS station between programs. I can't remember if this was a Canadian Film Board cartoon, or one that came out of studios in Europe.

It was black and white, with no actual understandable dialog and some subtle humor. Basically it shows a short fat politician landing at a test site by helicopter and going into a bunker, on a tv they watch a succesful atomic test. During the congratulations, the phone rings and its a tall skinny politician from 'the other side' and 'they' have just tested 'their' bomb. They then worry about accidental nuclear war (with one of the scenes showing a rat chewing through a cable and getting electrocuted...starting the war) with the fix being a bit of cheese and a mouse trap being slipped into a computer cabinet.

The short ends with accidental all out nuclear war and over screen in various languages the single word 'Peace'.

Does anyone now what this short was named??????

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