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you only live twice

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I just watched "You only live twice" at the Yale film center (great resource for film lovers in the New Haven CT area). Always wanted to see it. German expressionism style very apparent-and beautiful as well. This was not a main stream studio produced film, right? Henry Fonda was good but I can see why he never became comfortable in the gangster film . Too decent? Certainly got the anger part right. He shot the priest! As for Sylvia Sidney- I can't think of a more unusual looking leading lady from the thirties than her. Loved her last line (I'm paraphrasing) "I'd do it all over again." Loved the scene when she tossed the brick thru the drug store window. Ending must have been tacked on with Father McIrish calling Eddie to heaven. Finally free. Can't imagine that was Lang's idea. Is this the first couple on the lam movie or did others precede it? Coincidentally I watched "Natural born killers" over the weekend. Fonda/Sidney vs. Harrelson/Lewis. What a difference 60 yrs. make. But the obsessive love theme remains unchanged. The oldies bring me so much joy even if they are a bit dated at times.

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Just for the record, it's the James Bond film that's titled YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE.


The one you're referring to is YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.




Yes, it is probably the first one to get to the THEY LIVE BY NIGHT / GUN CRAZY sub-genre and even the 1945 DILLINGER ripped off the bank robbery scene. It didn't just copy it, they used the same footage which was easy to do as the principals were wearing gas masks.


I love this shot:



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I always thought that the Bond title was just a riff on an old expression. When I was a kid, people would say "You only live once" when trying to convince someone else to try a new experience.


Of course, Shirley MacLaine would be the first to differ.

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