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Jack, the Giant Slayer

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Although this movie was budgeted at $100 million, it was still a C-average dud with totally fake looking CGI giants and a bland, unknown cast of untalented nobodies.It took the movie nearly 30-45 movies to kick off, with a terribly boring beginning. The giant bean stalks looked like old plastic. The so-called hero sported a 2013 hair style and leather jacket ensemble that made it look like he had just attended a rock concert. The heroine was so vague and mild I don't think we'll ever see her again.It amazes me that all those tens of millions of dollars could have been better spent on several low-budget but original horror/sci efforts. I've been watching several of those seminal horror classics from the 70s/80s, made by independent young firebrands for very little money and that still thrill us--like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Evil Dead," "The Sadist" (cost $33,000 to make), "Carnival of Souls." All classics. All extremely low-budgets and all still being watched today while junk like "Jack the Giant Slayer" and that god-awfu "Dark Skies" will be forgotten before summer.

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This movie seemed to have a very bad production history; problems with the fx work which made it go over budget and a change of title from "Jack the Giant Killer" to "Jack the Giant Slayer" ?! because some Hollywood genius decided that "slayer" would be more commercial than "killer". Obviously they were wrong and the movie looks like financial disaster. I agree that big budgets never guarantee a good movie.

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