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Proud Owner Of Jean Harlow Gown

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zombi, someone's name came up associated a bit with this item which raised an alarm flag, that is why I was a bit worried. However, I recieved today info and news from several sources(including another collector who remembers seeing this same gown at a big auction back in the early 90's, in which he purchased some items, and he had validation the items all came from the Bau estate) that confirms the gown is a genuine Harlow gown, there is no longer any doubt whatsoever. I am a happy camper!

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This article pretaining to Roslyn Herman and several others are completely false. Damaging the credible and undisputed reputation of Roslyn Herman. She has been in business for 30 years, and has delt with all the major auction galleries, selling and buying movie memorabilia. Her consignees and customers are known the world over. This lethal article has been posted on Google for all to view. This person has no proof of his poisonous allegations,and yet he has been given the space to assassinate a person who has devoted her career to being honest and a hard working dealer. She checks out her items for sale and sells authentic items, with letters of authenticity.This is a rebuttal to the letter posted on May 2, 2005.....

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This "rebuttal" to my remarks about Rosalyn Herman is quite something. The fact is, she's the one who wrote it, even though she didn't want to identify herself in the response. She also sent me a threatening email in regard to the post I made earlier in this thread.


Now, what do you all make of this? I was merely offering advice to a fellow collector, and she is obviously infuriated by it, so much so that she is contacting me personally. Do you guys feel that I was out of line, by saying that I would not deal with this seller?

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Hello again Joe,


I know nothing about collecting things so I would be very grateful if someone advised me on shady dealings.

So I don't think you overstepped your bounds here. It's the 'buyer beware' and sometimes the buyer needs to be wary. So I think you did right.

Perhaps the lady doth protest too much because she's shady.



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I have been dealing with Roslyn Herman for 15 years. In this time I have acquired a collection of very fine movie artifacts including rare personal items as well as studio worn clothes. Each with impeccable letters of authenticity. I have always found her to be honest in her descriptions and one of the most devoted and caring persons in this field. She has in many cases been able to supply me with photos of the stars wearing the items I purchased. Thanks to Roslyn Herman I have amassed a fabulous collection of authentic items that give me great pride and joy.

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Regarding the post that I made about Roslyn Herman - I'd like to say that I was mistaken about her reputation as a dealer.


I spoke to her today, and we had a nice long talk about the collecting field of movie memorabilia, and she cleared up the misconceptions that I had about her reputation as a dealer. The conclusions that I was drawing, based on her association with other dealers was false. It's because she's been in the business so long that her name has come up in certain instances, and I actually found out that other dealers and collectors have been in the wrong, and I can honestly believe that they have been, especially since they've dropped out of sight.


Regarding the Elaine Barrymore items, it is true that you must be careful when buying anything that comes with a letter from Barrymore, since there have been forgeries made. But Roslyn was the first person to deal with Elaine Barrymore, and everything that she sold for her was real and came directly from Barrymore herself. I also learned more about Barrymore's friendship with Marilyn Monroe, and how she obtained items from Marilyn in the first place.


So, basically I do believe that Roslyn Herman is on the up and up. She couldn't have lasted 30 years in the business if she was not reputable.


I just wanted to post this response, since it seems word was starting to spread that she was not reputable, based on my earlier post.

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