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Great Forgotten Films


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This one is a favorite of mine which never turns up anywhere. It's called "Dance With Me," not to be confused with that other, not-so-hot movie "Shall We Dance," with Richard Gere.


"Dance With Me" stars the Puerto Rican dancer/singer Chayanne and Vanessa Williams, who dance their booties off in this terrific dance movie. It was produced and directed by Randa Haines, of "Children of a Lesser God" fame. Kris Kristofferson and Joan Plowright are great in it as well.


For women, just looking at Chayanne is reason enough to watch the movie. He can set you dreaming for a month. Vanessa is surprisingly good on the dance floor ... just watching her do her competitive Latin dances with the movie's choreographer is mesmerizing. Wonderful picture. Very different.

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Great suggestion, Dothery


Mine is *LADY BE GOOD*, not because it's a fabulous musical (it's not) but because I haven't seen it. It's in my Netflix queue, but I need to wait for a copy to be available.


I saw *Dance With Me*, at an art house in Minneapolis. It is a terrifically energized movie.

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Mine isn't "great" either, but I'd love to see it again after 40+ years. It's "Out of This World" (1945), about an all-girl band led by Diana Lynn, who hires a crooner (Eddie Bracken..Yeah, I know, but suspend your disbelief.) to beef up the act. He becomes a sensation and she unintentionally oversells interest in him to backers to make quick money so they can marry, sort of like "The Producers". Hilarity ensues, etc. Veronica Lake is also in it. It was the 70's so I was probably pretty wasted when I saw it, but I remember it being lots of fun and I haven't seen a listing for it since.

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In the vein of *Dance With Me*, I have been curious to see *Rooftops* (1989) - a NYC musical directed by Robert Wise. I hold out no high hopes for the film. I've heard it is pretty bad. I just want to know how the director of *West Side Story* could mis-fire sooo badly.

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One movie I mentioned here before was *Daddy's Gone A-hunting" .* No, not the old silent, but a 1969 release with PAUL BURKE and CAROL WHITE.



She (White) has a relationship with a young man who gets her pregnant. Since they were engaged anyway, it's no problem. But she sees another side of his personality that disturbs her, so she breaks off the engagement and aborts the child. This sends him over the edge, and she winds up leaving town. Down the road she meets Burke, falls in love, marries and has a baby with him. Then the old boyfriend shows up. He then begins a "stalk and terrorize" campaign against her.



Saw this at a drive-in on a double bill with *Let's Scare Jessica To Death* , which should have been called "Let's BORE The AUDIENCE to DEATH!" "Daddy's" was a far more suspense filled, edge of your seat fare.



I'd like it if TCM would also show *Pressure Point* with SIDNEY POITIER and BOBBY DARIN more. I know they've shown it before, but don't they seem to repeat lesser fare more often?






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{font:Calibri}*Brother Orchid* (1940) --- Solid cast (Edward G. Robinson, Donald Crisp, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sothern, Ralph Bellamy, Allen Jenkins, Cecil Kellaway) in a sweet little comedy/gangster film from Warner Bros. at the zenith of its powers.{font}



{font:Calibri} {font}



{font:Calibri}*Look For the Silver Lining* (1949) --- Inaccurate but entertaining musical biopic, starring June Haver as 1920s Broadway superstar Marilyn Miller. Co-stars Ray Bolger (whose dance numbers save the film, IMO), Charlie Ruggles, and Gordon MacRae.{font}



{font:Calibri} {font}



{font:Calibri}*One Body Too Many* (1944) --- It’s ‘Dracula Meets the Tin Man’ in this comic whodunit starring Jack Haley and Bela Lugosi. Haley was neither a great physical comedian nor a hilarious stand-up comic --- just an affable light leading man (think diet-Bob Hope), and this film doesn’t pretend to be anything more than exactly that --- light and affable.{font}



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Whether it fits as a "great" film, I don't know. But it is definitely forgotten.


Copy of TheyKnewWhatTheyWanted1940LRG


To the best of my knowledge, this RKO film has never played TCM. (And I've been looking for it.) There must be a "reason" but I have no idea what it is. I am curious to find out though.

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The Private Affairs of Bel Ami



Whistle Down the Wind



The Key (1958)



Night Song



The Long Night



Deep Valley



Death of a Scoundrel



TCM has been good about showing the last five of these great but little-known films.






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TCM could show some of these but correct me if I'm wrong have chose to omit from the channel. OR TCM committee just do not share my taste in movies.


sudden fear - rko

oss - par

alias nick beal - par

I walk alone - par

desert fury - par

union station - par

chicago deadline - par

calcutta - par

the turning point - par

kiss tomorrow goodbye - wb

the enforcer - wb

nightmare alley - fox

kiss of death - fox

cry of the city - fox

street with no name - fox

crime without passion - par

I, the jury - ua

I, jane doe - rep

once a thief - ua

appointment with danger - par

the lawless - par

supernatural - par

street of sinners - ua

brasher doubloon - fox

the bodyguard - rko

island of doomed men - col

kill or be killed - e-l

whispering city - e-l

lady and the monster - rep

city that never sleeps - rep

unmasked - rep

jigsaw - ua

the maze - aa

among the living - par

and then there were none - fox

the well - ua

whistle stop - ua

riot in cell block 11 - aa

moss rose - fox

man who cheated himself - fox

strange triangle - fox

strange impersonation - rep

strange fascination - fox

outside the wall - uni

revolt in the big house - aa

southside 1 - 1000 - aa

I was a shoplifter - uni

invasion usa - col

jealousy - rep

the other woman - fox

cop hater - ua

edge of doom - rko

the walls came tumbling down - col

the macomber affair - ua

city of fear - col

hit and run - ua

vicki - fox

woman on the run - uni

woman in hiding - uni

abandoned - uni

the capture - ua

journey into light - fox

hell's five hours - aa

chicago calling - ua

1984 - col

larceny - uni

the glass alibi - rep

two of a kind - col

highway 301 - wb

underworld story - ua

scotland yard investigator - rep

secret service investigator - rep

without warning - ua

blood on the sun - ua

slightly scarlet - rko

the family secret - col

crashout - rep

fall guy - mono

arson squad - prc

crime inc. - prc

bluebeard - prc

las vegas shakedown - aa

highway dragnet - aa

private hell 36 - rep

girls in prison - aip

pickup - col

the unseen - par

crime against joe - ua

the big bluff - ua

alimony - e-l

miami expose - col

shockproof - col

manhandled - par

house of fear 1939 - uni

city across the river - uni

strangler of the swamp - prc

state dept. file 649 - fc

sleep my love - ua

the sleeping city - uni

port of new york - e-l

c-man - fc

the brighton strangler - rko

please murder me - dca

the guilty - mono

the brothers rico - col

timetable - ua

the whip hand - rko

the atomic city - par

behind locked doors - e-l

the big tip off - aa

the come on - aa

undertow - uni

spy hunt - uni

the houston story - col

hell's island - par

undercover girl - uni

baby face nelson - ua

circumstantial evidence - fox

try and get me - ua

night editor - col

cult of the cobra - uni

naked street - ua

the man is armed - rep

the night runner - uni

the hunted - aa

the pretender - rep

the second woman - ua

the second face - e-l

the thief - ua

forbidden - uni

son of dr. jekyll - col

chinatown at midnight - col

thieves highway - fox

live fast die young - uni

the price of fear - uni

female on the beach - uni

inferno - fox

hell on frisco bay - wb

black tuesday - ua

affair in havana - aa

atomic submarine - aa

day the earth stood still - fox

man on the eiffle tower - rko

intrigue - ua

loophole - aa

the night has a thousand eyes - par

scandal inc. - rep

the madonna's secret - rep

flood tide - uni

man afraid - uni

hollywood story - uni

under the gun - uni

the raging tide - uni

one way street - uni

naked alibi - uni

dark city - par

the space children - par

criminal lawyer - col

bait - col

the fat man - uni

the tattered dress - uni

guilty bystander - fc

I was a communist for the fbi - wb

the glass web - uni

the web - uni

the leech woman - uni

the 3rd voice - fox

sealed verdict - par

the long wait - ua

criss cross - uni

night without sleep - fox

deadline usa - fox

paid in full - par

the red house - ua

whirlpool - fox

too late for tears - ua

inside detroit - col

shakedown - uni

johnny stool pigeon - uni

hideout - rep

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We actually need another old movie channel. Having one channel is like having one world dictatorship like USA. There is a gigantic gap in which information is siphoned thru a screen & all the subscribers get are watered down MGM type pictures that are not about anything & are just there to fill up a time slot. Like our Lame stream media.

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Some studios e.g. Universal, just don't wish to restore or share the movies they have the rights to.


So yea, it would be great if there was a second station that showed movies from studios TCM has difficulty getting movies from, but this very unlikely to happen. Since America respects ownership rights those will the rights to movies have the right not to offer them to the ****.


Also there are multiple channels that show 'classic' movies. You just need to seek them out and pay for them.

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My forgotten titles in chronological order:


The Italian (1915)

The Primitive Lover (1922)

Lights of New York (1928)

Broadway (1929)

Dance of Life (1929)

Studio Murder Mystery (1929)

The Virginian (1929)

Gentlemen of the Press (1929)

Thunderbolot (1929

It's A Great Life (1929)

Laughter (1930)

Nothing But the Truth (1929)

Alias French Gertie (1930)

Chasing Rainbows (1930)

For The Defense (1930)

Royal Family of Broadway (1930)

Showgirl in Hollywood (1930)

Street of Chance (1930)

Such Men are Dangerous (1930)

Whoopee (1930)

Young Man of Manhattan (1930)

24 Hours (1931)

Girls About Town (1931)

Man in Possession (1931)

Murder By the Clock (1931)

Over The Hill (1931)

Palmy Days (1931)

Scandal Sheet (1931)

Six Hours to Live (1931)

Afraid To Talk (1932)

Attorney for the Defense (1932)

Once in a Lifetime (1932)

Shining Through (1932)

Night World (1932)

The Night Club Lady (1932)

Guilty as Hell (1932)

Air Mail (1932)

Night of June 13th (1932)

Girl in 419 (1932)

Scandal for Sale (1932)

Trial of Vivienne Ware (1932)

Blood Money (1933)

Cross Fire (1933)

Supernatural (1933)

Terror Aboard (1933)

Dangerous Corner (1934)

Living on Velvet (1935)

Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934)

Stolen Harmony (1935)

Ride The Pink Horse (1947)

Act of Murder (1948)

The Saxon Charm (1948)

Life of Riley (1949)

The Furies (1950)

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950)

Come FIll The Cup (1951)

Rhubarb (1951)

Mr. Denning Drives North (1952)

From The Terrace (1960)

Two On a Guillotine (1965)

J.T. (Made for TV) (1969)

Legend In Granite (1973)

Girl Most Likely To (1973)

Ghost of Flight 401 (1978)

The Silent Lovers (1980)

One Dark Night (1982)



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