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Dr. Socrates?


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DVR was finished recording. I settled in to watch Dr. Socrates. Only instead of Dr. Socrates, the film I taped was a Rossellini film called "Socrates." The TCM.com info says "Socrates." When I checked it once upon a time (I saved the page) it did indeed say "Socrates" So no error on the part of TCM.com. But how on earth did my cable provider think the film was going to be "Dr. Socrates?" My provider is little-known Armstrong Cable. Just curious if anyone with Comcast, TW, Cox, etc... had the same erroneous guide info.


Unfortunately, I recorded Penthouse as well before realizing I've already seen it! I've got nothing to watch tonight! lol

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Wow GF, and here I thought this only happened to ME tonight!


'Cept MY cable company said TCM was gonna show somethin' titled "Dr. Socrates D.D.S."...and when I hit info button it said the plot was gonna be about some dude in a toga who worked on the pearly whites of the ancient Athenians!


(...weird, HUH?!)



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My cable company did the same thing! I kinda suspected that it wasn't the Muni flick though since the theme of the night would not have suited that one, though I would have dug seeing it again!


As for PENTHOUSE, it's worth repeated viewings, it's that groove-a-licious!

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