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Ten Commandments


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Wow, thanks for the tip. I'm receiving it on ABC in HD, wide screen, and great color! It's a great Passover film! :)


Charlton Heston ... Moses

Yul Brynner ... Rameses

Anne Baxter ... Nefretiri

Edward G. Robinson ... Dathan (as Edward G Robinson)

Yvonne De Carlo ... Sephora

Debra Paget ... Lilia

John Derek ... Joshua

Cedric Hardwicke ... Sethi (as Sir Cedric Hardwicke)

Nina Foch ... Bithiah

Martha Scott ... Yochabel

Judith Anderson ... Memnet

Vincent Price ... Baka

John Carradine ... Aaron

Henry Wilcoxon ... Pentaur

Eduard Franz ... Jethro

Donald Curtis ... ****

Lawrence Dobkin ... Hur Ben Caleb

H.B. Warner ... Amminadab

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Ten Commandments is a great film. I watch it every year. The cast was spectacular. Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as Ramses and Edward G. Robinson as Dathan and Vincent Price as Baccha and so many others in the cast. I think Charlton Heston was awesome playing biblical roles - like Moses and Ben Hur.

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What you say is similar to Christmas time and NBC having the exclusive rights to It's A Wonderful Life. But when ABC is showing the Ten Commandments how many commercial breaks are there in, say, an hour?


This is of course the one area TCM outdoes the other networks that show movies.



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<But when ABC is showing the Ten Commandments how many commercial breaks are there in, say, an hour?>



952 -- I counted them.



Untrue, but there were a LOT. Watching Moses and the slaves raise the obelisk followed by a cell phone ad . . . very jarring and weird.



I tuned in for about 20 minutes whilst in the kitchen having dinner. That's why I'll watch my DVD when I want to see it.



I agree with everyone else, it's wonderfully entertaining and I know it by heart. As a child, I saw this film before most classic films and got to know most of the actors/actresses as "Hey, that's the woman/man in 10 Commandments!"






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I hadn't seen it for decades -- I didn't have time to watch the whole movie, but I was drawn in. It looked SO good on ABC HD! I wouldn't have thought that I'd find it so well done, and so moving, at this point, but I did. And I particularly liked Yul Brynner's head gear -- who was Ramses' haberdasher? The commercials didn't bother me too much, since I wasn't watching the whole movie, but what did bother me ALOT was that the end credits were cut. It just ended with Moses sort of waving goodbye to his friends and relatives and going up the mountain. Abrupt, then rush to the news. No time for reflection over the credits.

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In the old days, TV networks would slowly fade out the movie at various lull points, then a second or two later a commercial would come on.


Now they just cut from a movie scene to a commercial as if the commercial is the next scene in the movie.


During the rare times that I watch movies on commercial channels, like this time, I keep my remote control near my mouse and my hand so I can block the sound of the commercials as soon as possible.

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*With its most recent broadcast, ABC outdrew its closest Saturday competitor by 3.3 million viewers, and by a whopping 78 percent among 18-to-49 year-olds who are the currency of the television industry.*




Jake in the Heartland

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>Whenever I'm reading the account of Moses in the Bible, instantly a picture of Charleton Heston comes to mind.


Back in the late 1950s, Heston became very famous for this role. He was often called "Moses" by people in the TV business, on TV shows, for many years, to honor his acting in this film.

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>One would assume that it would be shown on Easter Sunday.


It is not an Easter film. It is a Passover film.


This is the one time a year when two different types of religious holidays occur at about the same time.


Today TCM is showing Easter films. TCM shows more true Easter and Christmas films than any other TV channel.

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This film used to be promoted weeks in advance.You always knew when it would air. But in more recent years it seems to be an afterthought. I recall many Sunday airings where I stumbled upon it and I 'd always be so p.o'd that i missed it.

Anyway, I always loved this film, though now I find it quite campy (I always picture Billy Crystal's Eddie G imitation..."Nnnyah, Moses. Where's your Messiah now?" and his Yul Brynner's "Moses,Moses,Moses."), and the special effects quite antiquated (which they are). But really, it doesn't bother me. I love the event and remember when they first started airing it (or at least when I first saw it) how much in awe I was of the Sea parting.


And may I add that in this pic you can certainly argue the point that Yvonne DeCarlo was one of the most beautiful actresses ever. She's gorgeous.



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The 1956 DeMille sound version is remarkably like the 1923 DeMille silent version.


Paramount apparently keeps the silent version off of YouTube, but here are some clips from it, in a small box in the upper right corner of the picture.


These scenes show the Hebrews leaving Egypt, and the parting of the Red Sea. Note that in his 1956 film, DeMille copied a lot of his earlier scenes from 33 years earlier. Seems that the scenes were great in the earlier film and didn't need to be changed.



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